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Highway 3 Rep
Please read the following information and if you are interested please fill in the form below to work with us as a Highway 3 Rep!

- As a Highway 3 Rep you will represent our brand for a 3 month term. After 3 months ends we will evaluate the 3 months and if we agree to continue our partnership we will send more product or credit.

-You will receive a $100 credit to to grab some Highway 3 products.

-Must have at least 2500 followers either on Facebook or Instagram.

-Must have Great Pictures : We want someone with a love for style, color, home decor, kids, or just a great eye for photography ( or a photographer to help you out!) and pictures with GREAT lighting! We ask for at least 10 or more styled images for each product, that could be the product styled in a room as decoration, or using a model with the product. These images will then need to be sent to us via online album. Please try to capture the true color of the fabric when taking/editing photos-- very important. ( try not to use much filter ) as people purchase the color based on what they see.
The goal is to provide stunning styled photos of Highway 3 products to help rep our brand!

-Any additional photos, Flatlays (styled on a crisp white background) and video clips that you want to share are welcome and can be emailed to and will take into consideration when giving additional rep rewards.

-Must post 4 times per month tagging @shophighway3 or Highway 3, and sharing your discount code with followers.

-1st Post on social media must be made within 2 weeks of receiving the product ( unless discussed otherwise ) Highway 3 / @shophighway3 must be tagged in all photos as well as use hashtag #shophighway3

-We will send you a discount code to share with your social media followers.

-For every purchase that is made using your share code-- you will receive ⭐️REP REWARDS⭐️

How ⭐️REP REWARDS⭐️ work---
-When your code is used, you will receive REP REWARDS per purchase.
- Rep Reward is $5 in highway 3 bucks for every $50 worth of purchases made using your discount code.
Ex. 5 purchases made totalling $225.00 = $20 credit.

-Must Follow Highway 3 IG & FB Page, Interact (like and comment) on our posts. We would love for you to recommend Highway 3 when you see fit and share Posts or any sales/promos on IG and/or insta stories as they are offered with your own followers.

-During your 3 month term- depending on your engagement/interaction- you will be rewarded for your hard work, time and effort in more Highway 3 product or additional rep rewards as we see fit.

-You would be giving us permission to use the photos you send us for Highway 3 to use on our website/ social media outlets or any other advertising.
: If you have a professional photographer- a photo release will be needed to be sent as well giving us permission to use the photos : Please email to

**If you think you are not able to commit to the terms above, please email us and we can hopefully work out a way to work together in the future. Email :

**If once you have been approved, and receive your product and you then do not follow the terms above, please reach out and we can try to work something out together, if we do not hear from you we will send an invoice for the products that you have received and will no longer work with you in the future.

Fill in the form below!

If chosen to be a Highway 3 rep you will receive an email with information to get started. Please understand we have a high volume of requests and applications and the notification period may vary.

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