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SOAK*2020 Fire Safety Survey
This survey will appear completely different from past versions of the Fire Safety Survey. While you, the participant, have significant restrictions on how you can use fire for heat or art, the Fire Safety Team only needs two critical pieces of information:

1) How much propane are you bringing?
2) Are you bringing a custom fire appliance which will require an inspection before you can light it?

If you're bringing any 20lb propane cylinders, or any larger size containers, or multiple containers, you MUST let us know here. If you are only bringing the little 2lb green cylinders, we don't need to know about it.

Propane is the only permitted fuel type for all non-art uses of fire. This includes camp stoves, portable above-ground fireplaces, and any variety of patio or space heaters. If you haven't turned it into a work of art, don't expect us to approve your white gas, wood pellets, or camel dung. Commercial fire appliances using ANYTHING other than propane SHALL be refused entry at the gate. Leave them at home.

Your commercial propane fire appliance MUST be elevated, and MUST NOT leave any scar or fuel residue on the ground.

If you have an art piece that uses a different variety of fuel, please email with the type(s) of fuel you want to use, what type(s) of containers your fuel will be stored in, your safety plan, and your clean up/LNT plan.

All fire appliances, whether commercial or custom, MUST have a fire extinguisher nearby and MUST be at least ten (10) feet from the fuel supply. Large quantities of gas or liquid fuels are REQUIRED to have quarter-turn ball valves for emergency shut off. Cylinder valves alone will not be sufficient. Also, large containers of gas or liquid fuels will need to be at least fifteen (15) feet away from the fire they supply.

Please visit for more detailed information regarding the use of fire at SOAK.

Thank you. Let's keep this burn safe and brilliant!


20lb propane cylinder -
What is your camp name or location? *
If you're with a named theme camp, please share that here. If you're planning to stay in open camping, please let us know where you plan to set down.
Who is your camp's fire safety lead? *
This is the person in charge of fire safety for your camp.
What is that person's email address? *
In case we have follow up questions.
Are you bringing a custom fire art piece requiring inspection? *
What kind and how many containers are you bringing? *
What types of containers? How many containers? How large are the containers?
What is your safety plan? *
What will you do if this fire becomes uncontrolled?
What is your LNT plan? *
How will you ensure that your heat sources leave nothing behind? This includes not leaving behind burned patches in the grass.
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