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2022 TASTE OF STL Food Vendor Application
September 23, 24, 25 @ Ballpark Village

Participation Fee
$2,000 + (4) $25 gift certificates
Payment Details
Make checks payable to: Taste of St Louis
Mail Checks To: Taste It Productions, Inc.
                             Attn: Restaurants
                             2009 W. Osage
                             Pacific, MO 63069
Dates and Times
Friday, September 23 4pm - 10pm
Saturday, September 24 11am - 10pm
Sunday, September 25 11am - 6pm
Participation Fee Includes:
10 x 30 deep lot
1 10 x 10 Tent
Participant must provide their own second 10 x 10 tent
The last 10 x 10 space is for food prep and cooking equipment
4x 8ft folding tables
Tent Lighting
3x 20-amp Edison style electrical outlets
2 chairs
Restaurant Sign and Chalkboard Menu (with light)
Ability to promote your restaurant and retain 100% of food sales at the event
Inclusion in PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS Competition (more info to come)
Promotion in our comprehensive marketing campaign which will include posters, flyers, etc
Restaurant name, logo, and hot link on and mobile site
Premium viral marketing program via multiple social media platforms
Weekly Featured Restaurant Promotion


Friday, July 29th - Application and Payment Deadline ($2,000 + 4 $25 gift certificates)
Monday, August 8th - Logos and Website Links
Monday, August 22nd - MANDATORY RR Logistics Meeting (confirmation of this date and details will be emailed to you
Thursday, September 1st - Final menu items submitted for approval (a form will be sent to you)
Friday September 8th - Restaurant MUST have completed fire and health permit safety applications. Restaurants are responsible for completing these applications and must have documentation of up to date permits at the event.
Note: Failure to comply with above dates may result in inability to participate in the event. For questions, please contact:
Michele Coen
Restaurant Row Director

PLEASE NOTE: Restaurants will not be considered for participation until Vendor Fee is received. We highly recommend submitting full payment early, as space is limited and Restaurant Row fills up quickly.  Load-in information and any revised rules will be distributed and reviewed at the mandatory logistics meeting, prior to the Event.
Vendor Participation Guidelines
The Taste of St. Louis reserves the right to choose and confirm all Vendors. Once you are confirmed as a participant and your participation fee has been deposited, no refunds will be issued, for any reason whatsoever.
Acceptance for participation will be determined by the Taste Board of Directors, and at their sole discretion.
Vendor Hours of Operation: Vendor MUST operate for the hours listed (at a minimum). If you fail to operate during the scheduled Event hours, you will not be allowed to return the following day and/or participate in future Taste of St. Louis events.  
Friday – 4pm to 10 pm
Saturday – 11am to 10 pm
Sunday – 11am to 6pm
Menu Restrictions
Our goal is to create an upscale, unique food Event where Vendors showcase the best, most unique/memorable items on their menu to enhance our patrons’ “tasting” experience and to drive traffic to their establishment.
All food at the Event must be a direct representation of your establishment’s menu and approved by TSL – NO EXCEPTIONS!
ALL RESTAURANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SERVE TWO (2) "SAMPLE TASTES" at their booth for the DURATION OF THE EVENT WEEKEND. "SAMPLE TASTES" are a 1-3oz (maximum) portion of a unique food item on your menu.
Prohibited menu items include but are not limited to: ALL beverages, funnel cakes, fried pickles, turkey legs or other “fair-style” food (regardless if it is on your regular menu). Final menu items must be submitted for approval no later than Thursday, Sep 1, 2022. (An online form will be sent to you for submitting your menu items).
We will ask that you denote items on your menu as being gluten free, vegan, etc.
No items can be changed/added to your approved menu. All menu items must be available to patrons for the duration of the Event weekend

Footprint Requirements/Provisions
The participation fee includes a 10’x30’ space on Restaurant Row with a 10’x10’ tent, lighting, four 8’ folding tables, an establishment sign, menu board and power. 2 chairs. Vendors may interact with patrons from inside their booth ONLY.  No couponing or promotions will be allowed outside the booth. Please be courteous to your neighbors at all times.
Power: Additional 20 amp outlets are $100. Custom plans can be created between vendors and Green 2 Go Rental power and Light. All Vendor-supplied equipment must be in excellent working order and safe for use in outdoor conditions. All cooking and refrigeration equipment must use a standard Edison plug. No accommodations will be made for any other style of plug.
Noise and Generators: Vendors are not allowed to operate music or public address systems on the Event site. This includes stereos, televisions, D.J. equipment or megaphones. Generators are not allowed.
Signage: Establishment signs and lighted chalkboards will be provided by TSL. Vendor-provided signs/decorations must be contained to the inside of your booth, on the poles or on the front/top of the tables. Absolutely no signage/decoration will be allowed above the provided establishment sign or the sides or in front of your booth. Tall flags, sign plumes or free-standing signage is prohibited. The Taste of St. Louis, Inc., reserves the right to reject any inappropriate or unprofessional signage.
On-Site Vendor Regulations
ServSafe Requirements: All restaurants are required to follow the guidelines as established by the Missouri Restaurant Association's ServSafe (TM) certification. If you need information on how to get certified, please go to: Any restaurant not adhering to these standards will be required to leave and will not be eligible to participate in future Taste of St. Louis Events. Vendors must comply with new Health Department Guidelines, which can be found here:
Permits: All Restaurant Row participants must obtain a Health Permit and if you are using propane or charcoal, you must obtain a Fire Permit.  Vendor must provide photocopies of all necessary licenses, permits and liability insurance. Permits must be visibly displayed at your booth for the duration of the Event.
Vehicle Access and Parking
Vendors will be allowed to utilize vehicles to move equipment and goods to their booth space prior to the start of the Event. Dates and times TBD and will be given at the Mandatory Restaurant Row meeting.. Vendors may drive onto the footprint, unload their goods and immediately remove their car from the Event site. Vendors may not load out until the Event hours have come to an end and the Taste of St. Louis gives permission to do so. Details will be included in the Vendor Advance that you will receive before the Event. Each restaurant will be allocated (1) parking spot - TBD
100% Recyclable Dinnerware
 Restaurants MUST serve the public using dinnerware that is 100% recyclable, and we strongly encourage using compostable materials. The use of styrofoam is prohibited. The Taste of St. Louis will provide Vendors for the purchase of your dinnerware at the Mandatory Logistics Meeting.
Trash and Clean-Up
Vendors must maintain the cleanliness of their Event site throughout the weekend and throw all trash away in the receptacles provided by the Taste of St. Louis. Vendors must leave their area 100% free of all trash and display items at the end of the Event. Grease, grey water and charcoal ashes must be discarded in the proper receptacles, which will be labeled and provided by the Taste of St. Louis.
Prohibited Merchandise
No food Vendor will be eligible to sell any soft drinks, water, alcoholic beverages or obtain a liquor license for this Event. Vendors may not sell a combination of food and novelty items due to health regulations and safety concerns.
Sales Tax
Vendors are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying all applicable taxes.
The Taste of St. Louis reserves the right to photograph all Vendors, Vendor interactions and Vendor products for use in all forms of media and promotions.
All Vendors are responsible for the security of their booth area, goods and personal items. Although there will be 24-hour security provided for the Event area, we suggest Vendors remove all items of value each night. The Taste of St. Louis, Inc. will not be liable for lost/ damaged/stolen items.
Taste of St. Louis, Inc. reserves the right to restrict Vendors with respect to operations and display of materials.
Vendors may not possess illegal drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants inside or anywhere near the Event footprint.
Vendors must maintain current and valid liability insurance, listing Taste of St. Louis Partnership, Inc. as additionally insured, for the duration of the Event. This will be Enforced in 2022
Force Majeure
In the event of inclement weather, or for any reason whatsoever that the Taste of St. Louis is delayed, rained-out or unfeasible by any act or regulation of any public authority or bureau, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, war conditions, emergencies, act of God or any other cause or causes beyond the control of the Taste of St. Louis, Inc., the Vendor agrees that there shall be no claim or action against the Taste of St. Louis, Inc. Attendance is not guaranteed, and no refund of Vendor participation fees will be given for any reason.
The Vendor shall release, indemnify and hold harmless the Taste of St. Louis, The City of St. Louis, all sponsoring organizations and all trustees, officers, employees and agents from any and all liability, claims, suits, actions, damages, settlements and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of injuries to persons or damages to property directly and exclusively resulting from said Vendors actions and participation in the Taste of St. Louis Event. The Taste of St. Louis, or any subsidiary thereof, will not be responsible for any kind of injury sustained by participants or guests while in agreement. By signing this release and request, I agree to follow all rules and policies as outlined in these documents and/or any addendum thereto. completing the information on this application page and signing electronically at the bottom, you agree to all of the Rules and Regulations outlined in the 2022 Restaurant Vendor Contract on the previous page.By completing the information on this application page and signing electronically at the bottom, you agree to all of the Rules and Regulations outlined in the 2022 Restaurant Vendor Contract on the previous page.
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