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.Հայ IDN Promotion Survey
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1.Have you ever met .հայ domain name on the Internet? *
2. Which is, in your opinion, the most popular .հայ domain name? *
3. What other IDN-s do you know besides .հայ TLD ? *
4. Have you ever registered a .հայ domain name for you or your organization? *
5. Do you think that the society is in need of .հայ domain names? *
6. Do you frequently face technical problems in running your .հայ domain name? *
7. Evaluate the support quality of the registrar of your .հայ domain name. *
8. What is, in your opinion, the reason that people don't register a .հայ domain name? *
9. What are, in your opinion, the main advantages of having .հայ domain name? *
10. What is, in your opinion, the main barrier for .հայ TLD development? *
11. What will promote the development of .հայ TLD in your opinion? *
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