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Bennett College Counseling Services Satisfaction Survey
Tell Us How We Are Doing! This survey allows counseling services to better serve you. Your feedback helps us improve the quality and effectiveness of the counseling program. Please complete this survey and it will be received directly by Counseling Services @ 900 E. Washington Street, Catching Complex; Greensboro, NC 27401.
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What semester did you utilize counseling services? (i.e. Fall 2017, Spring 2018, & etc.) *
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My counselor was concerned about me as a person not just my symptoms. *
My counselor helped me to understand my symptoms, problems, or concerns. *
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My counselor and I worked together to develop a plan of action or treatment for my symptoms, problems, or concerns. *
My academic performance has improved as a result of my participation in counseling. *
Utilizing Counseling Services helped my academic success by increasing my G.P.A. by at .5 to 1 point during this current semester. *
I live a healthier lifestyle in at least one area.(Check all that apply). *
My concerns that brought me to the Counseling Center have improved as a result of the services provided. *
What did you find most helpful about counseling?
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