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"Get Plugged In" with the Community Pillar
What does it mean to be a Sponsor?

An organization or company that aligns to our mission and provides any of the follow items: venue space, food and/or drink for meetings, financial means to host events, raffle prizes

What is the criteria to be a Sponsor?
Anyone can be a sponsor that supports our initiatives

Criteria for being a Partner
Partner can be defined as an organization who contributes on an ongoing basis through driving awareness to our causes. Our Partners may also be active in sponsoring venue locations and food to events in the community.
Organization is defined as a city/chamber/not-for-profit/School/Membership Org/Networking Group that supports and interacts with the Technology community

What does it mean to be a partner?
An organization that can support our mission and goals and help break down siloed environments, challenge the status quo, and help disprove biased opinions.

What is the criteria to be a partner?
We believe that only a City / NonProfit or Membership Organization can be a partner
Companies cannot be partners. They can only be sponsors.

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