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2019 Great Song Farm CSA Sign-Up
This form is for CSA payment by check or cash. Thank you so much for joining our CSA!
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Please choose your full-share option.
I would like to share-my share and pick up once every other week, or pick up a half share every week.
Please let us know the name of the person you are sharing your share with, or, if you do not have someone to share with, let us know on the line below and include your pick-up preference.
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Please choose your payment option for Share-a-Share.
Are you a vegetarian or have a large family? Consider adding points to your share. A point costs $3/week or $69/season, with discounts if you get more points.
Please choose your pick-up day (You will be able to switch your pick-up day as long as you give us 24 hour notice). *
Please choose your method of payment. *
We are working on providing some add-on shares with local farms. Please check any that you might be interested in participating in.
We are working on building our capacity to offer subsidized shares to those with limited means. If you would like to help us toward that goal, consider adding a donation to your share payment. Let us know below if you will be adding a harvest donation, and thanks!
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I was referred to this CSA by:
Your friend will get a gift from the farm- a value added treat like "thank-you kraut"! If you refer someone who names you, will will get a treat
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Total amount due (this should equal your share price total plus share the harvest donations and extra points if applicable). *
Please write the total owed for the whole season, even if you will be paying in installments.
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Thank you so much for joining our CSA! We are grateful for your participation and look forward to seeing you!
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