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What To Say?
Still Ill OK - Zine #1

This form has a serious of questions on it, the answers to which will be used and printed in the first issue of the Still Ill OK Zine.

You can choose whether to attach your Name and your Social Media Handle to your answers, or just leave it blank. You can also choose whether you're happy to be identified with your particular answers, or just happy to be thanked in a list of contributors :)

Your email address will be stored only in relation to this survey, unless you tick the 'Sign Me Up' box, in which case you will be subscribed to our email list.

We are also accepting poems, images, stories, all sorts of submissions for the rest of the zine, so share this with pals who may want to contribute! Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Ellie Page
Creator @ Still Ill OK

Twitter: @stillillok
Insta: @stillillok
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What thing is it that people say about my disability/health condition that annoys me the most?
What is the thing that people say about my disability/health condition that I hear most often?
Here is what I wish they would say instead:
Hmmmmm. What is a good thing to say?
What is the most irritating thing that friends say in relation to my illness/disability?
Instead, I would like my friends to say...
Thinking about the answers you gave above and any others you haven't included yet, here are two final prompts...
What NOT to say:
What to say INSTEAD:
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