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Back to Balance Clarity Call
Hey, my name is Anastasia, I help ambitious female entrepreneurs to integrate a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules and enable them to increase their performance and wellbeing.

I am currently offering access to two spaces to my programme 'Back to Balance'.

This programme is for you, if you want to:
- establish new healthy habits
- understand nutrition and understand what you body needs
- let go of limiting beliefs and develop a strong mindset
- reprogram your mind
- get fit
- increase your performance in your business
- feel balanced and relaxed with a clear mind

What you will get:
- 1:1 coaching sessions once a week where we will do mindset work
- Pre-recorded videos (workouts, stretching routines, breathing techniques)
- Audios to reprogram your subconscious mind
- Meditation audios
- Healthy recipes
- Educational documents about nutrition
- A journal to track your progress

The purpose of this survey is to identify your needs so that I can support you in the best possible way. I will only schedule a phone call with those of you who are 100% committed to grow and go the extra mile.
Your IG Handle
What is your biggest goal for the next 3 months?
What is your biggest struggle with your mental wellbeing / physical health?
Why do you think this programme is the right fit for you? This programme represents a four figure investment and I only offer these two spots to women who are commited to growth.
What mental wellbeing techniques / diets have you tried before? How was your experience?
Have you been in a 1:1 coaching before? How was your experience?
Is there anything else I should know before our phone call?
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