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Edinburgh Permaculture booking form 2018

**If you are wanting to make a group booking (ie 2 people or more) please contact james before hand on or 07790 265883 **

Please make sure you've read the info document before filling in this form.
You can download it by copying and pasting this link
or by visiting

Here's a reminder of the dates.

Module 1 - 20th and 21st Jan (Based in Edinburgh)
Module 2 - 3rd and 4th Feb (Based in Edinburgh)
Module 3 - 3rd and 4th March (Based in Edinburgh)
Module 4 - 7th and 8th April (Based in Edinburgh)
Module 5 - 5th and 6th May (Based at Leadburn)
Module 6 - 2nd and 3rd June (Based at Leadburn)

Name: *
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Adress: *
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Email: *
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Phone number *
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Emergency Contact Person and Phone Number : *
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What permaculture experience do you have? *
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How did you hear about the course? *
What other relevant experience can you bring to the course?
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Do you have any particular needs I need to take into consideration? Please give details.
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How much of the course are you booking onto? *
Course Fees
The course fees have a sliding scale depending on your combined household income.

Household income - Benefits or under £5000
£270 (Max of 3 places)
Equivalent to £40/weekend + £30 accreditation

Household Income £5000 to £15000
Equivalent to £70/weekend + £30 accreditation

Household income Income £15,000 to £30,000
Equivalent to £100/weekend + £30 accreditation

Household income Over £30,000
Or, anyone paying with grant money
Or, anyone attending as work based training.
Equivalent to £120/weekend + £30 accreditation

***If you are technically unemployed but have another source of income please take this into consideration when choosing your fee. Please also take into account any investments or savings. The concessionary rates are limited and subsidised out of my own pocket. ***

Are you paying any of your course fees from grant funding or from a training budget?
If you are doing the full course, how much are you paying?
If you have chosen "other" for your course fee please let me know how much you are paying and why.
This could be because you have already completed some of the course and can reduce your fee
Your answer
Are you wishing to request paying the course fee with instalments? (There's a 10% charge for doing this)
If you are just booking onto module 1 (introduction weekend), how much are you paying?
Are you wishing to attend any of the modules in Glasgow? These generally run the weekend after the Edinburgh course (There's a £10 fee per swap).
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Paying for the course
Please include a £50 deposit with this form.

The Full balance for the course needs to be paid by 7 Jan 2017.

Cheques made out to James Chapman please, and sent to Willowburn Lea, Leadburn, West Linton EH46 7BE
Or Bank Transfer - S/C 83 25 25 Ac. Number 00167235 Royal Bank of Scotland.
*Please use your name as the reference with bank transfers. This really helps me know who has paid.*

How are you paying? *
Please advise me when payment has been sent.
Any other information?
Is there anything else I need to know?
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Thanks for your application, we are very happy to welcome you on the course. I will be in touch closer to the event with any further details. See you soon.

James 07790 265883

email :

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