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Cascadia Permaculture Work-Trade Application
Thank you for your interest in living at Wilson Creek Gardens! A beautiful loft living space is available in trade to work on a Permaculture homestead. Available May 1st for a one year commitment. We are seeking a handyperson, or couple, to work/live here in exchange for general permaculture homesteading. There is also the option to become involved with the permaculture apprenticeship program (see the Cascadia Permaculture Apprenticeship Application).

I’ve found it very helpful to have some background and a general sense of those who wish to share this beautiful place. Please read through the description of the Work-Trade and answer the questions that follow. Thanks!

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Living Space
Live upstairs in a beautifully remodeled 650 sq ft barn type building with kitchenette, bathroom facilities downstairs, wood floors and wood burning stove set across the creek from the main house. Sorry no pets!
The Site
Located 10 miles south of Cottage Grove, Wilson Creek Gardens is nestled at the south end of the Willamette Valley in Cottage Grove, Oregon. We steward 7.5 acres with a wide variety of plants, wildlife and micro-climates from which to learn. There is a year round creek and over an acre of edible landscapes, vegetable gardens, orchards, forest gardens, northwest native plants and non-edible ornamentals. To the southwest and north there are mixed species forest. We live ¼ mile from Cottage Grove Reservoir and are surrounded by bike and hiking trails. Please note this is not near a bus line, so you will need your own transportation.
Local Activities
*Miles of hiking, cycling and swimming
*Enjoy and explore a wide variety of natural environments
*Connect with the wonderful Cottage Grove community
Required Skills
You will be required to take on the responsibility of managing firewood (operating chain saw), general gardening, chicken care and to help with on-going projects that require experience with basic carpentry and maintenance.
*Beautiful place to live!
*Learn from Jude Hobb's 30+ years of permaculture experience
*Jude will guide in defining projects and be a supportive community person
*Jude will share in open communication
*Jude will offer an apprenticeship in all things Permaculture. If interested, please fill out the Apprenticeship Application on the website under the About section.
Work Hours & Cost
Work Hours:
TBD when you connect with Jude Hobbs. Usually 15 - 17 hours/week depending on experience. If you wish to have Permaculture training in a specific area, we will determine additional trade time for this exchange.

Share internet and electric. Supply own food. $100 deposit.

Jude Hobbs
Cottage Grove, Oregon
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Skills Section
Please check the all the skills that you have. This list relates to the projects at Wilson Creek Gardens. In the Rank Section, please write level of experience of each checked skill; 10, very skilled to 1, not much skill. You can also add other skills related to the subject area by check Other and listing the skill.
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Anything else that is important for me to know regarding your living on this land? Physical/mental challenges? *
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Do you currently have employment? If so, where? If not, how will you finance utilities? *
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Please list any dietary preferences.
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Alcohol and drug use: If applicable, what is your average consumption of these per week?
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Any questions for me?
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