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Boys to Men Leadership Academy Application
CONNECT TO GREATNESS, INC | Electronic Academy Application

Note: The participant should complete the application. Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. This information will help us to recruit the right coach(es) for you.

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AGREEMENT: I agree that I will meet with my coach and/or my group at the times and locations arranged between us. I also agree to notify my coach and/or other adult in-charge if I am unable to make a weekly meeting. By entering my Youth Name and Email address I accept that this my electronic signature for C2G. By entering Parent/Guardian name and Email address I accept this as electronic signature for C2G. I give permission for my son to participate in the Connect to Greatness Boys to Men Leadership Academy program and activities. I understand that my son will be expected to follow the set rules and expectations of the program at all times. (Select YES or NO)
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I understand that during some activities/discussion, my son may be exposed to discussions that are sensitive. I understand that I am responsible for communicating to the leader and adult-in charge about any needs that my child may have in regards to any activities/discussions. I am confident of his maturity and ability to participate. (Select YES or NO) *
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