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Yura's Art Commissions

“I," "me," or "my" refer to the artist going under the pen name "yura-tsuki" or "yura." "You" refers to the commissioner and buyer. "Picture," "image," "commission," or "request" or any plural version of said words refer to the art or arts being produced and sold by the artist. All commissioned pictures will be digitally drawn in a canvas between 1500x1500 to 3000x3000 pixels. They will be exported in .png format at 300 pixels per inch. Each picture will be cropped to properly enhance character and/or the overall composition.

I will be giving the commissioned picture digitally by email ( I will also automatically upload the commissioned picture onto any of my online galleries (ie. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) but the version sent to you through email will be the original size. If you absolutely do not want me to upload your commissioned picture, please clearly state this clearly anytime before the stage of approving the final image. Once the commissioned picture is approved by you, you will be able to download the picture and save it onto your own computer for safekeeping.

Payment will be requested and paid in full before I start your commission image. I will send you an invoice to your PayPal email to request payment. There will be NO REFUNDS unless I choose not to finish your picture. If I cancel your commission for any reason, I will refund your money back to you in full.

The following is my process. I accept your commission and then you pay the full amount. I start sketching and show the sketch to you roughly within a week's time or less. Once you receive the sketch, I will ask for your opinion and preferred alterations. All approved sketches are final and the main idea or composition of the sketch will not change in the following steps. Next I will show you flats which include the finished lineart and base colors of your image with no shading. After that, I incorporate shading, background, and effects for the final image. Each time I show a new update to you regarding your picture, you can give opinions and ask for alterations. I will only proceed to the next step when you've given me authorization to do so. After you approve of the final image, there will be no more alterations unless it is a minor detail and an easy fix as determined by me.

When everything is complete and finalized, you have permission to upload the image to your own galleries or websites. You have my permission to showcase the commissioned picture(s) but please remember to credit me or simply keep my signature untouched. You may also modify and/or crop and/or add text to the original commissioned picture but within the boundaries if the previous clause. If you choose to credit me verbally or in written text, simply state my name as "yura-tsuki" or "yura" and you can also provide a link to my profile. You may choose any online profile of mine such as my Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, or Facebook. You may not resell or reproduce my artwork for commercial purposes unless given written consent.

These terms and conditions may change anytime without notice. When you pay the invoice(s) I send, you consent to all my terms and conditions.



* Will draw: OC, fanarts, groups/couples, game avatars, kemonomimi, youtubers
* Won’t draw: Yaoi/Yuri, nude, mature, tattoos, mecha, comics/manga pages, anthro, dakimakura
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More samples of my work can be found at my Instagram: If you are interested in physical merch, please visit my online store:
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Please specify how many characters you want per illustration. If you have multiple commission requests in mind with varying characters in each one, please select “Other” for this question. Yura will draw up to THREE PEOPLE in one illustration MAX; add half price of original price for each additional character in one illustration for the grand total. Example: 3 chibis together: $50+25+25=$100; 2 busts together: $80+$40=$120
References *
Please include links to your references. If possible, add the personalities of the characters and what type of simple background you prefer. If you prefer email, please email me reference information at
References *
Please include links to your references. If possible, add the personalities of the characters and what type of simple background you prefer. If you prefer email, please email me reference information at Write “email” for email communication.
I will send an invoice with the total price to your PayPal account. If you have any other questions, please contact me at business email: Thank you!
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Please share additional information you would like me to know for your commission. If there are multiple types of commissions with varying characters in each illustration, please let me know here.
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