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Webinar: High Performing Buildings = High Performing People
Please join the 30 minute webinar on Wednesday, 29th January 2020 at 11am.

You will learn why better workplace environments promote:
- people's wellbeing, performance and productivity
- better organisational results
- in many cases, reduced operating costs.

The webinar will cover
- Real-world examples of success
- Three simple, low-cost ways to instantly improve the working environment that will quickly improve people's wellbeing, performance and productivity
- How to get your people and your sponsors to understand why these changes are vital for your organisation, and get their support for your initiatives to make the necessary changes.

The webinar will be hosted by:
- John O'Brien, MD of LCMB and
- Joanna Watchman, Founder of Work in Mind, the first knowledge platform dedicated to the connection between healthy buildings and workplace wellbeing, performance and productivity.

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