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Special Work Trade Positions for the 2019 NOLA Herb Gathering
With expansion comes the great need for dedicated community support and volunteers. This year we have a special opportunity to offer 6 positions that will be compensated via stipend the day after the NOLA Herb Gathering. This year's gathering will take place on April 28th, 2019 from 9am to 6pm. The stipend/honorarium will range from $50-250 depending on how many attendees we have the day of the event and of course free entrance to the event!

The positions and duties we are looking to cover are as follows:

Teacher Coordinator - Filled

Vendor Coordinator - Filled

Sponsorship Coordinator - Perhaps our most important position. Without our sponsors the gathering doesn't happen. Help us raise money and receive donations that will be given away or raffled off to guests of the event! Experience in this area is a plus but not necessary. You must be a strong written and verbal communicator to apply for this position.

Volunteer Coordinator - Communicate and confirm volunteers for day of assistance. Organize and assign positions to volunteers. Be present for the full day of the event to direct volunteers to their positions. Be the primary point of contact for volunteers. This position requires you to be one of the first people to arrive and last to leave.

Accessibility Coordinator - Walk the location site of the event to assess physical barriers, brainstorm and execute ways to may event location more physically accessible. This position will also assist in making the event more accessible for families by finding resources that will provide child care/and or children's classes for the day of the event.

Community support and Outreach Coordinator - This job goes to the person that can really bring organizations, communities, businesses and individuals together! This position will require you to find groups or individuals in the community that are in alignment with our mantra - Self care as a form of health care through the cultural and intergenerational uses of plant medicine- to be present and provide care in some for to attendees of the event. We will hopefully have a healing tent set up for these folks this year!

We are so excited you are interested in working with us to make this event even more amazing, and we also would love to give a gentle reminder that while every one is welcomed to apply we will prioritize BIPOC applicants. We also ask that you do not apply if you do not have the capacity to pour your heart in to which ever position you are interested in. (even though the positions are not super demanding, we want to make sure folks are truly committed) Thank you for your interests! We hope you can join us!

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