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Senior CID寵物保姆登記表 Pet Sitter Registration Form
Senior CID寵物保姆是一間社企,旨在與退休人士合作,向大眾提供價格相宜的專業寵物褓姆服務。我們希望此計劃不但能為退休人士提供穩定收入,亦能幫助待領養寵物。如您有興趣為寵物褓姆學員,歡迎填妥以下資料,我們會盡快聯絡您。如有任何疑問,歡迎致電 6234 9823 查詢。
Senior CID is a new social project empowering Hong Kong’s retired citizens to become pet sitters through specialised training and working with abandoned dogs. If you are interested in becoming a pet sitter trainee, please fill in the information below and we will get back soon. Please call 6234 9823 for any enquiries.
登記須知 Notice of Registration
內容: 寵物健康知識、動物行為 + 實習課
地點: 愛護動物協會灣仔總部 (香港灣仔運盛街5號)

導師: 愛護動物協會獸醫護士及犬隻訓練師
名額: 12位 (如報名人數過多,會設面試)

After this registration, an interview will be arranged to confirm your application. The training will last for two months, starting from late November. The training will be twice a week, including lessons of animals behavior, nursery and practical sessions. Pet sitting jobs will be arranged for you after finishing all training.

個人資料 Personal Information
名字 First Name *
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姓氏 Surname *
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您想我們怎樣稱呼您? How should we call you?
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性別 Sex *
手提電話 Mobile Number *
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電郵 Email
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年齡 Age *
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您是否已退休? Are you retired? *
居住區域 Home District *
照顧動物經驗 Experience With Animals
您是否曾經飼養動物?(由您處理餵食及清潔等工作) Are you a pet owner? (you are the one taking care of the pet) *
你曾經飼養動物是甚麼? What kinds of pet have you owned?
你曾經飼養動物的經驗。 How much experience do you have with pets?
您想成為寵物保姆的原因 Why do you want to become a pet sitter? *
拯狗隊遵行《2012個人資料(私隱)(修訂)條例》的規定,承諾會妥善儲存 閣下之個人資料,並絕不會以任何形式出售、租借及轉讓予任何人士或組織。我們會使用 閣下之聯絡資料(包括您的姓名、電話及地址),以便與您保持聯繫,作為消息通訊、活動邀請、義工招募、收集意見及其他資訊之用。倘本機構未得您的同意之前,本機構不可以使用您的個人資料。您並可以隨時要求本機構停止使用您的個人資料。日後查閱或更新資料,請聯絡本機構。 *
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