Filipino communities raise concern about candidate for a Southeast Asian studies job at Berkeley
*Update: May 31, 2019
Thank you to all 467 individuals who signed this community statement. We are grateful for your kind support. We are submitting this statement today to Dean Anthony J. Cascardi, Dean of the Arts and Humanities at UC Berkeley. We have closed the petition.

2019 March 26 Tuesday

Dear Members of the UC Berkeley Search Committee for the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies,

It has come to our attention that Dr. Lisandro Claudio may be under consideration for a position at U.C. Berkeley. Such a prospect causes us great concern since Dr. Claudio is on record as naming or outing individuals, including students at his previous campus Ateneo de Manila University (1), on the basis of their leftwing perspectives or affiliations in a political climate (2) in the Philippines that makes such conduct highly dangerous for those singled out in this way.

Given the current repressive political climate (3) we experience in the Philippines, abetted by a regime of fear produced from the well-documented state-sponsored extrajudicial killings (4), such public outing has lethal consequences. Trade unionists (5), civil society activists (6), and student leaders (7) have been surveilled by state agents, imprisoned, disappeared or killed as a result of such accusations. Even short of its potentially lethal consequences in the Philippines, such singling out of students’ political opinions and affiliations inevitably produces a hostile learning environment. The polarizing effects of red-tagging, in which Dr. Claudio willfully and proudly engages, can be poisonous for an academic community.

In general, scholars and activists in the Philippines recognize the danger of red-tagging students given the complicated nuances of activism in a country that has long endured military governments, propped up by U.S. Cold War policy, that use anti-Communism as a whip against dissent. Dr. Claudio has been one of the astonishingly reckless voices in the academe who unambiguously tags organizations, leaders, students, and ordinary activists despite the peril of such tagging. We understand his political views align with his red-baiting; but it is his recklessness that concerns us. In what seems like pure McCarthyism (8), Dr. Claudio has said about his tagging of students whose political affiliation with communism is ambiguous: “These things are kind of open secrets and in a democracy, we won’t prosper if we speak in euphemisms.” According to Dr. Claudio, “Democracy prospers through transparent language because it’s the kind of language that allows people to know what they’re getting into.”

At the same time, the current regime’s salvaging (9) of red-tagged activists has climbed to 222 political deaths as of December 2018, with at least 85,000 cases of threat, harassment and intimidation, 111 incidents of torture, and more than 2,000 incidents of illegal arrests.

This dire situation for political activists against Duterte’s regime is not quite the democracy we desire.

Dr. Claudio’s public voice against activists (10), at times also surprisingly juvenile, even Dutertean, such as calling communists “morons” (11), in effect becomes consonant with the regime’s fascism (12): he ends up echoing President Duterte, and even reposted by Duterte supporters. Though this may not be the intent, nor the most toxic aspect of his acts, the effect is truly a matter of concern (13).

Our concern with Dr. Claudio lies with heedless conduct that endangers colleagues and students whose academic freedom and freedom of expression we are as scholars, writers, artists and teachers bound to defend. To give his voice a platform in a university such as yours amplifies that danger: your university’s prestige would give weight to language that can limit and endangers legitimate activism and protest in an already dire Philippines. We are aware that our plight might not be viscerally relevant to you, but we know the danger of Dr. Claudio’s carelessness. In the U.S. such carelessness might lead only to a Twitter-fight, which in the academic world can be problem enough. But in the Philippines, red-tagging can lead to death. As scholars, teachers, writers, artists and activists in and from the Philippines, we continue to fight both the Duterte government and heedless voices like Dr. Claudio’s that, wittingly or not, aid state oppression.

We urge the committee to review Dr. Claudio’s record carefully before proceeding further with consideration of his candidacy. We look forward to hearing your response.




1. Gina Apostol, Novelist, author of Insurrecto & Gun Dealers’ Daughter, New York
2. Gary C. Devilles, Chair, Filipino Dept, Ateneo de Manila University, Metro Manila
3. Francis A. Gealogo, Ateneo de Manila University, Professor of History, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
4. Karl Castro, artist and designer, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Quezon City
5. Donna Miranda, Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (Artist Alliance for Genuine Agrarian Reform and Rural Development), Quezon City
6. Dylan Rodríguez, Professor, University of California at Riverside, California
7. Arnold P. Alamon, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City
8. Gonzalo Campoamor II , Associate Professor, University of the Philippines, Quezon City
9. Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr., University of the Philippines, Quezon City
10. Laurence Marvin Castillo, Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines Los Baños and Graduate Researcher, University of Melbourne
11. Joy Sales, Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
12. David Michael San Juan, De La Salle University, Manila
13. Janette M. Silva, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Philippines
14. Jheimeel Valencia, Graduate student, U of the Philippines, San Jose del Monte, Philippines
15. Louise Jashil Sonido, Member, Congress of Teachers and Educators for Nationalism and Democracy (CONTEND-UP), Quezon City
16. Katherine Rose Medina, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Manila
17. Thea Kersti Tandog, Instructor, University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, North Cotabato
18. Roselle Pineda, Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy, Quezon City
19. John Carlo Cabilao, Faculty, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna
20. Amado Anthony G. Mendoza III, Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas, U of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
21. Epoy Deyto, Filmmaker, Critic, Pasig City
22. Jose Ruben Garcia, Ateneo de Manila, Parañaque
23. Julienne M. Urrea, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Laguna
24. Kristine Camille Sulit, Far Eastern University, Quezon City
25. Carlo Cielo, U of the Philippines, Film Institute, Mandaluyong
26. Moises P. Jusoy, Member of Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy, Philippines
27. Josh Paradeza, Writer, Quezon City
28. Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
29. Jay Topacio Sebastian, Medium: FILM, Manila
30. Mich Calleja Lado, Essayist, creative writer and poet, Quezon City
31. Vic Teano, PWU - JASMS QC, Quezon City, Philippines
32. Arby Medina, Fiction writer, Las Piñas, Philippines
33. Gerardo M. Lanuza, Department of Sociology, Quezon City
34. Alyssa Danielle R. Navarro, Bulacan State University, Malolos City, Bulacan
35. Janssen Cunanan, Fiction writer, Manila
36. Sheila Abarra Rebel Kule, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
37. Ian Porquia, BIEN Philippines, Makati
38. Rowell Madula, Associate Professor, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
39. Amparo Adelina C. Umali, III, Coordinator, East and Southeast Asian Studies, Center for International Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
40. Ryan Cezar O. Alcarde, Poet, Quezon City
41. Moses O. Villanueva, Instructor, University of the Philippines -Los Baños, Laguna
42. Geniska Ybañez, CONTEND-U of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
43. Leah Mae Aportadera, Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City
44. Paul Belisario, Student, University of the Philippines, Quezon City
45. Nicolo B. Bongolan, Kabataan Partylist, Quezon City
46. Glenn Cabradilla, U of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon city
47. Jose Abelardo Torio, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
48. Joaquin Singson, Essayist and art critic, Quezon City
49. Kenneth G. Pabilonia, Graduate student, University of the Philippines Diliman, Baliwag, Bulacan
50 Jeffrey Santa Ana, Associate Professor, SUNY Stony Brook, New York
51. Arvin Dimalana, MA Anthropology Student, University of the Philippines Diliman - Department of Anthropology, Quezon City
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65. Adrian Mendizabal, Graduate student, UP Film Institute, Quezon City
66. Nickky de Guzman, College of St. Benidle, Philippines
67. Adrian Romero, University of Santo Tomas, Manila
68. Paulo Benedicto Villar, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila
69. Lyka Pacleb, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City
70. Emerrie Fegarido, Graduate Student, Master in Philippine Studies, Asian Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City
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118. Luisa Narciso, Writer, Antipolo City
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133. Nicholas doliber, San Francisco State University, CA
134. Eric Clanton, Berkeley worker, lapsed academic, prison abolitionist, California
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136. Nathan Eisenberg, Reed College, CA
137. Elaine Villasper, Filipino Community Center, San Francisco CA
138. Nenita Domingo, Lecturer, UCLA
139. John Blanco, Associate professor, University of California, San Diego, California
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141. China De Vera, University of the Philippines, Manila
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144.. Nerissa Balce, Associate Professor, SUNY Stony Brook, NY
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149. Lisa Ito, University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts
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151. Conchitina Cruz, Associate professor, University of the Philippines - Diliman
152. Angelo V. Suarez, Sama-samang Artista Para sa Kilusang Agraryo (Artist Alliance for Genuine Agrarian Reform and Rural Development) & Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas
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154. Rowena Tomaneng, President of Berkeley City College, California
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175. Cristina Rey, University of San Francisco, Graduate Student
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179. Justin Phan, University of California, Riverside. Ethnic Studies and Southeast Asian Studies. PhD student.
180. S. Lily Mendoza, Associate Professor, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan
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182. Edwin Liam, Anakbayan Silicon Valley Chairperson
183. Leny Strobel, Professor Emeritus, American Multicultural Studies, Sonoma State University
184. Jhoanna Lynn Cruz, Associate Professor, U of the Philippines Mindanao, Davao City
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187. Erin Nguy, Anakbayan East Bay
188. Mika Decena, Gabriela Oakland
189. Scott Cooper, University of San Francisco
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191. Eliza Romero, Malaya Movement DMV/Baltimore
192. Jesse Edward Docena, San Francisco State University/Anakbayan East Bay
193. Victor Mendoza, UC Berkeley Alum, Associate Professor, Women's Studies and English, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
194. Peter Chua, Professor of Sociology, San Jose State University
195. Mary Anne Manumpil, UC Berkeley Alum, Class of 2013/ Malaya Movement
196. Vivian Zalvidea Araullo
197. E.J. Pavia, Philippines-U.S. Solidarity Organization (PUSO) East Bay
198. Wesley Ueunten, Professor, SF State Univ, Asian American Studies Dept
199. Ryan Leano, Lecturer, California State University, Fullerton
200. Sony Coráñez Bolton, Amherst College

201. Soleil David, Graduate Student, Indiana University, Bloomington
202. Arcelita Imasa, Medical Doctor, Hawaii
203. Danielle Johnson, Student, PUSO De Anza College, Anakbayan Silicon Valley
204. Liza Mamedov, Student, UC Berkeley
205. Jen Abella, GABRIELA Oakland
206. Michael Paradela, Anakbayan Silicon Valley
207. Laura Coelho, Berkeley graduate 2010, GABRIELA oakland member
208. Julian Jaravata, Stanford University Alumnus
209. Elaine Villasper, Filipino Community Center
210. Marienne Cuison, Malaya
211. Roberta Ryan, Migrante NorCal
212. Mara Castillo, William Paterson University (Alum)
213. Mario de Mira
214. Ruthie Arroyo, New Jersey City University, Kabataan Alliance, community organizer
215. Yaminah Lunar, Migrante Napa Solano
216. Narissa Lee, San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
217. Nicollette Morales, Napa Valley College: Adjunct Faculty Filipino American Studies
218. Maricon Malimban, San Francisco State University
219. Nikki Salde-Azzam, National Ecumenical Forum for Filipino Concerns - Northern California
220. Kira Salde-Azzam, ICHRP Northern California Regional Coordinator
221. Brendon Escalona, San Francisco State University
222. Jocelyn Tabancay Duffy, UC Berkeley, Enrolled student in Graduate School of Journalism, GABRIELA Oakland member
223. Brandon J. Reilly, Assistant Professor in History, Santa Monica College
224. Kevin C. McDonald, Philippines-U.S. Solidarity Organization (PUSO) East Bay
225. Jean-Paul deGuzman, Lecturer, Asian American Studies/Interracial Dynamics, UCLA; UC-AFT, Local 1990
226. Raquel Redondiez, San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
227. Chay Tadeo, GABRIELA Oakland
228. Cristina Edwards, UC Staff
229. Louie Sawie, New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
230. Petra Magno, Chair, GABRIELA New York
231. Blaine Agustin, California History Center, De Anza College
232. Elliott Fukui, In Solidarity
233. Judith Mirkinson, President, SF/Bay Area National Lawyers Guild
234. Mary Susan Gat, Rev. Dr. Mary Susan Gast, Chair, National Ecumenical-Interfaith Forum for Filipino Concerns--NorCal
235. Ellen Brotsky, UC Berkeley Graduate, 1989
236. Rachel Herzing, Center for Political Education
237. Lyle Prijoles, National Education Officer, Anakbayan-USA
238. Michelle Thiele, GABRIELA New York (Education Co-Chair)
239. Pam Tau Lee, Chinese Progressive Association - SF, International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines US
240. Antoinette Chen See, East Bay Resident
241. KP Peralta, Organizational Development Officer, New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
242. Aliya Karmali, Law Office of Aliya Karmali
243. Katie Loncke, Buddhist Peace Fellowship (Co-Director)
244. Constance Beutel, Dr. (Ms.) Beutel
245. Danielle Luz Belanger, UC Berkeley Alumni, History of Art; GABRIELA Oakland
246. Kim Garcia, UC Berkeley alumni, GABRIELA Oakland member member
247. Precious Arney, GABRIELA USA, Seattle, WA
248. Terry Fletcher, UC Alumna
249. Michael Kaufman, UCLA / USC; Communities for a Better Environment
250. Eleanor Gottesman, MD retired
251. Diana Block, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
252. Marge Sussman, Year
253. Katherine Conchada, Vice Chairperson, GABRIELA South Bay; Faculty Professional Development, Long Beach City College
254. Micah Bazant, Berkeley Resident
255. Rev. Roger Straw, Minister, United Church of Christ USA
256. Richard Chhuon, UCLA
257. Kayla Quan, GABRIELA New York
258. Tiffany Mendoza, San Francisco State University; League of Filipino Students-SFSU
259. R Michael Flynn, Principal Attorney at Flynn Law Office
260. Harvey Bender, Harvey Bender attorney (retired)
261. Lauren Dela Paz Bollinger, GABRIELA-Los Angeles
262. James Perez, UC Berkeley, Alum c/o 2015
263. Rob Yanagida, Attorney
264. Kathryn Poethig, Global Studies, CSU Monterey Bay
265. Devi Peacock, Peacock Rebellion
266. Joy Liu, Design Action Collective and Come Bien Books
267. Ariana Rodriguez, GABRIELA-Los Angeles
268. David Makofsky, Retired, Ethnic Minorities Studies Center, beojing
269. Emma L, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
270. Austin Truong, apienc
271. Martha Larsen, Concerned citizen
272. Megan Zapanta, GABRIELA - Oakland
273. Xenia Arriola, Xenia Arriola, Long Beach Unified Classified Employee, Gabriela South Bay
274. Miguel Valencia, Member, Critical Resistance
275. Eli Isaacs, Oakland Resident
276. Kirsten Joie Ignacio, University of California, Berkeley/Graduate Student
277. Tim Huey, Saint Mary's College of California alum
278. Emma Buhain, Barnard College / GABRIELA New York
279. Andrew Ligeralde, PhD Candidate, Biophysics, UC Berkeley
280. Shari Williams, UC Davis Alumni /Anakbayan East Bay
281. Love Jordan, GABRIELA Chicago
282. Marianne Tassone, Network of Oberlin Asian Alumni
283. Kathlyn Oco, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, GABRIELA-Chicago
284. Judy Venturanza, Gabriela NY / Migrante Youth NY
285. Pyxie Castillo, GABRIELA USA
286. Ulises Magallon, UC Berkeley Alumni
287. Susana Cáceres, Nonprofit Strategic Consultant
288. Megan Whelan, GABRIELA-Oakland
289. Niño Laput, Filipino Student Society - Wayne State University; Anakbayan Detroit Chapter Organizing Committee
290. Victoria Hom, UC Berkeley student of Ethnic Studies/Laney College alum
291. Lex Soto, Licensed Master Social Worker
292. Nicole Naramura, MS Nursing Candidate, UCSF
293. Alex Chen, UC Davis
294. Jessica Peregrina, UC Berkeley Alumnus
295. Noel Lawrence, American father
296. Eliza Sherpa, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
297. Hunter King, Member of California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Oakland Resident
298. Annie Paradise, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
299. Kristie Navarro, Gabriela New York
300. Semi Cole, UC Riverside ‘19, ASUCR President

301. Manny g, Finance
302. Abet Mabilangan, Writer, Poet, GABRIELA-Chicago
303. Tova Fry, Peoples Alliance - Bay Area
304. Gerardo Ochoa, Member, Anakbayan East Bay
305. Yasser Khan, UC Berkeley Alumni
306. Jennifer Beach, San Francisco State University Lecturer
307. Eliana Rubin, Goddard College
308. Jeannel Poyaoan, Northern California Pilipinx American Student Alliance, San Francisco, CA
309. Ruby Wara-Goss, Mental Health Therapist
310. Andres Medrano, UC alumni
311. Alok Vaid-Menon, Artist
312. Susana Guzman, Professional Engineer
313. Sarah Leadem, U.C. Berkeley Alumni, Graduate of Dept of Ethnic Studies
314. Eileen Ramos, GABRIELA New York
315. Marybeth Salem, San Francisco State University (staff member at Department of Sociology and Sexuality, and member of the League of Filipino Students at SFSU)
316. Alex Mabanta, President, Pilipino American Law Society, UC Berkeley School of Law
317. Jack Stephens, Truck Driver, Shop Steward, Teamsters Local 2785
318. Peter Shapiro, Oakland CA
319. Alex Magsano, Coordinator, Wayside UMC Church&Society
320. Reina Cabezas
321. Nicole Marie Malazarte, Social Work, WSGS and Southeast Asian studies at Loyola University Chicago, GABRIELA Chicago
322. Aris Valdez, Anakbayan San Diego
323. Rev. Sadie Stone, Pastor, Bethany United Methodist church / Cal-Nev Philippine Solidarity Task Force
324. Luat Nguyen, San Jose State EE
325. Fulleh Mansour, Students for Justice in Palestine UC Berkeley
326. Diyala Shihadih, UC Berkeley PhD candidate in Metabolic Biology
327. Nadya Raja, Resident of Berkeley, CA
328. Alvin Ja, UCBerkeley alumni, Class of 1971
329. Maisa Morrar, Palestinian Youth Movement
330. Nicole Guirre, University of Southern California
331. Jassmin Poyaoan, Clinical Instructor, Berkeley Law; 2011 B.A., UC Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine
332. Hyejin Shim, UC San Diego alumni
333. Alvin Ja, UCBerkeley alumni, Class of 1971, Sociology
334. Charles Ramilo, Migrante Daly City
335. Michael Song, PhD Candidate, University of California Berkeley
336. Dean T. Alegado Retired Professor, Ethnic Studies Department and Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii
337. Sam Ochi, Founding member of Maxim Integrated Products
338. Faith Wellington, International Solidarity Officer, GABRIELA New York
339. Gregory Jue, UC Berkeley alumnus, 1972
340. Kimberly Conchada, NYU M.A. Candidate, Food Studies
341. Dr. Nina Michel Genera, Professor Emeritus, Ohlone College, UC Berkeley Alum
342. Harvey Dong, Lecturer, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, UC Berkeley
343. Carol Anne McChrystal, GABRIELA-Los Angeles
344. Veronica Quijano, Gabriela Southbay
345. Gwen Bautista, Writer and Independent Curator, Manila Philippines
346. Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D., instructor, City College of San Francisco
347. Anna Miramontes, UC Berkeley Social Welfare major
348. Priya Handa, Community Muralist
349. Christian Guerrero, UC Berkeley Student
350. Alisa de los Reyes, GABRIELA Oakland
351. Angela Tulio Chairperson, Anakbayan Santa Cruz
352. William Yang, UC Santa Cruz
353. Jared Semana, UCSC undergraduate, Anakbayan Santa Cruz
354. Asehli Howe California State University East Bay & Survivor Alliance
355. Jessica-May Pamatian, University of California, Berkeley Social Welfare & American Studies (Child Development and Education)
356. Ana Rivera, CSUEB
357. Maria Bates Colmenar, Pierce College, Professor
358. David Spero, Jewish Voice for Peace
359. Jenina Yutuc, Interdisciplinary Studies in Architecture and Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
360. Aian Mendoza, UC Riverside alumni
361. Megan Rose Dominguez, OTR/L Gabriela Los Angeles
362. Sharif Zakout, Resident of San Francisco
363. Kerina Koch, GABRIELA Oakland
364. alizarin menninga-fong, Chinese Progressive Association - SF
365. Robert Roth, Co-Founder, Haiti Action Committee
366. Megan Foronda, GABRIELA Los Angeles
367. Angela Vega, Gabriela LA
368. Michelle Foy, San Francisco, CA
369. Leslie Tran, VietUnity - East Bay, Oakland, CA
370. Kathy Nitsan, Long time resident of Berkeley
371. John Fernandez, UC Santa Cruz
372. Roxie Torres, GABRIELA Seattle
373. Jeffrey A. Ow, Professor, Berkeley City College
374.Carolyn Nguyen, Youth Organizer, Chinese Progressive Association
375. Jonathan Saturay, New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
376. Caleb Matheny
377. Serena Matsumoto, San Francisco State University; League of Filipino Students at SFSU
378. mika hernandez, Asians4BlackLives
379. Ashley R. Suarez Chan, Network of Oberlin Asian Alumni
380. Jay Kim, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area
381. KC Ho, Community Organizer - SF Chinatown
382. Jane H. Yamashiro, Research Justice at the Intersections Fellow, Mills College
383. Joshua Laurel, University of California Berkeley, Class of 2020
384. Pathma Venasithamby, University of California Berkeley, Staff
385. Illyria Bitton, Student, University of San Francisco
386. Katherine Yagle, Bay area resident
387. Kelly Liu, Asian American Asian Diaspora Studies student at UC Berkeley
388. Sabiha Basrai, Alliance of South Asians Taking Action
389. Karly Feria, Gabriela-Seattle
390. Tiffany Riley, NYCHRP
391. Lorin Peters, UC Berkeley Alumnus, Nonviolence teacher, International Institute of Peace Studies
392. Rachel Gonzales-Vernon, Colorado State University, Ethnic Studies MA
393. Nancy Pham, UC Berkeley & Yale University Alumni/Asian Health Services
394. Zack Endoso, Bay Area resident/artist, Anakbayan East Bay
395. Daniel Domaguin, Sacramento Filipinx LGBTQIA
396. Nur Jannah Kaalim, Bay area resident
397. Audine Tayag, GABRIELA Los Angeles
398. Armael Malinis, University of California Davis Alumni and SF County Social Worker
399. Conrad Schmehl, University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology Undergraduate
400. Ramil Mercado, UC Berkeley, Undergrad

401. Jacqueline Rivera, Anakbayan Silicon Valley
402. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Professor, San Francisco State University
403. Mikayla Konefal , Founding member Anakbayan Santa Cruz, undergrad of UCSC
404. Brian Rudnick, Activist
405. nicole gervacio, Liberation Spring, scholar
406. Angel Fabre, Mills College: Rising junior college student
407. Swecha Thulasi, High Teacher
408. Joyce Xi, Bay Area resident
409. Drusilla Cowan, Community Operation, Survivor Alliance
410. Maha S Samuel, Merritt University
411. Kyle Mondina, Santa Clara University, student
412. Diana hanna, Concerned citizen
413. Lauren Sawyer, Bay Area Educator
414. Sofía Mendieta, Mills college
415. Nikole Cababa, BAYAN USA
416. Tierra Allen, theatermaker, activist, and teaching artist, Occupied Huichin/Oakland, CA
417. Faye Caronan, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver
418. Denise Sicat Wong, UC Berkeley alumnus, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies
419. Joshua Anecito, Bay area high student
421. Jeremias David, Jeremias David, Migrante USA
422. Rev. Dr. Felicisimo Cao, Clergy, United Methodist Church
423. Maya Ochoa, League of Filipino Students
424. Sheila Repunte, UC Berkeley, Undergraduate Student
425. Pauline Baltazar, FilAm at UC Davis
426. Jeremiah Lawson, Graduate Student in Sociology, UC Irvine
427. Hannah Lee, Chinese Progressive Association
428. Jeffrey Lau, Organizer and Resident of Bay Area
429. Erika Galera, Food Empowerment Project
430. Mary Hackney, Alumni of UH - Manoa, BSN
431. Lauren-Cecile Galang, UC Berkeley
432. Rachelle Villanueva, Anakbayan Silicon Valley
433. Katherine Pua, University of California Santa Cruz student
434. Edith Saldano, Anakbayan Santa Cruz, LGBTQ+ Chicanx Artist
435. Marino Leal Montoya, DeeJayMino
436. Melvin Tangonan, University of California, Berkeley/Associated Students University of California (ASUC) Pilipinx Community-Endorsed Senator Elect 2019-20*
437. Miguel Duarte, UC Berkeley alumnus
438. Emmanuel Lacadin, Concerned Artists of the Philippines Katipunan
439. Ruby Descalzo, Ateneo de Manila University
440. Arkin Frany, Writer
441. Beatriz Marques Undergraduate Student, Universidade de Lisboa
442. Raj Villarin, College of Communications, PUP
443. Micah Rimando, New York Institute of Technology, graduate student
444. Roma Estrada, Gantala Press, Manila, Philippines
445. Ginah Tran, UC Berkeley, Department of Geography
446. Ginnie Tran, UCLA
447. Gary Musa, MA Philosophy Program Student - DWMS
448. Dorynna Untivero, PhD Philippine Studies Candidate — University of the Philippines, Diliman
449. Roland Abinal Macawili, MA Philosophy Program Student - DWMS
450. Jessie Joshua Z. Lino, Manila Tytana Colleges, Pasay City
451. Roy V. Aragon, Ilokano writer and poet
452. Erik John Reyes, MA Philosophy Program Student - Ateneo de Davao University
453. John Venson Villareal, Instructor, University of the Philippines Diliman
454. Augusto Xavier Ledesma, Instructor, Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of the Philippines - Diliman
455. Jeoffrey Mhar Larua, Secretary-General, Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Baguio City
456. John Arvin Baygan, Graduate Student, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
457. Jomer Bongalos, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, BS Psychology graduate
458. Jasmine Ruth Albatana, Anakbayan PUP
459. Jasmine Ruth Albatana, Anakbayan PUP
460. Anthony Macarayan, Far Eastern University
461. Chip Berlet, Research for Progress
462. Vijay Prashad, Director, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research
463. Lily Ann Villaraza, City College of San Francisco, Department Chair of Philippine Studies
464. David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford University
465. Elaine Kim, Professor Emerita, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies, UC Berkeley
466. Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English & Asian/Asian American Studies
University of Connecticut
467. Viet Thanh Nguyen, University Professor, University of Southern California


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