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WFP Innovation Accelerator Audience Survey
Hi! This short survey aims to gather feedback from you, a valued member of our audience, on the WFP Innovation Accelerator’s various media channels (i.e. website, newsletter, social media). At the Accelerator, our goal is to continuously improve the way we do things so that we can provide you with the information and learnings that are most relevant and interesting to you. Please know that your answers to this survey will remain anonymous and confidential. Thank you for your time!
On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most positive; NA being not applicable/not subscribed), how would you rate the quality of each of our communication channels? *
Medium blogs
Give three words (positive or negative) you would use to describe our communication channels.
How would you rank your understanding of WFP's work in innovation? *
Very poor
Very good
What motivated you to visit our channels? Select all that apply. *
What kind of information would you prefer to see in our communication channels? Please choose up to three. *
How do you prefer to receive information? Please choose up to three. *
What topics are you interested in knowing more about? Please choose up to three. *
When looking for learning resources on innovation for the humanitarian and development community, which site/s are you most likely to use? Select all that apply. *
What suggestions would you give to improve our communication channels?
Thank you for answering our questions! We have a few more to ask for classification purposes.
Where do you work?
Country of origin
How do you usually access information on the internet? Select all that apply. *
Do you have limitations on internet accessibility? For example, a limit to how much data you can use, or your internet connection is frequently unstable, or perhaps you use a shared computer or share a mobile phone which you don't always have access to. Select all that apply.
Do you have any impairments or disabilities that limit your screen time or exposure to screens?
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Where did you hear about this survey?
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