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Trona High School WASC Student Survey
We would like to understand your thoughts and feelings on how it is to be a student at Trona High School. Your views are important to us, and we appreciate your honest answers on the items below. Your comments will remain anonymous and confidential.
1. There are opportunities for students to engage in learning activities throughout the school day. *
2. I am aware of the requirements to graduate from high school. *
3. I feel classes at this school are challenging. *
4. I use a variety of resources, beyond textbooks, such as Chromebooks/computers, the internet, kindles, or tutoring to help my schoolwork. *
5. My teacher uses technology in my classes. *
6. I use technology in the classroom to learn. *
7. Student schoolwork is graded weekly in a majority of my classes. *
8. I turn my work in before or on the due date. *
9. Adults at this school have helped me understand the A-G requirements. *
10. Teachers encourage me to think about my future options after high school. *
11. The school provides an adequate amount of elective course options. *
12. I use the tutoring services available at school such as after school, mentoring, and Boost period. *
13. The school counselor helps students plan their course selection. *
14. The school has information on colleges and financial aid available. *
15. I visit the library at least once a month, either with my classes or on my own time. *
16. I have access to the internet at home when I need it. *
17. I have a place to study quietly at home when I need it. *
18. If I am struggling, I have access to resources such as teachers, mentors, or tutoring to help me succeed in my learning. *
19. I feel safe from being harmed physically at school. *
20. I worry that I will be teased or bullied at school. *
21. I am safe from being hit, pushed or tripped on purpose at this school. *
22. Teachers and other adults help me feel safe at this school. *
21. I have been a victim of sexual harassment at this school. *
22. I feel good about being in this school. *
18. There are enough sports and activities on campus that I can join. *
23. My parents/guardians are involved in the school. *
24. Teachers and other adults at this school work with students outside of class time. *
25. Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, teams, and other activities at this school. *
26. I am involved in school activities such as clubs, teams, and other activities at this school. *
27. There is a good relationship between the students and adults on campus. *
28. This school is kept clean. *
29. Students take care of the school. *
30. There are enough places to sit and be comfortable outside of the classroom. *
31. I feel the bathrooms are clean and safe at school. *
32. Teachers use a variety of instructional delivery methods to teach new material. Please indicate which method works best for YOU in each subject. Mark ONLY ONE answer per subject.
English *
Social Studies *
Math *
Science *
Electives *
What is the highest level of education you want to complete? *
What is the highest level of education that adults at your school expect you to complete? *
What extracurricular activities do you participate in? *
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What is your gender? *
What is your grade level? *
What improvements would you like to see at our school?
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