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Marietta High School Minimum Day - Early Release/Late Arrival Program Contract
Marietta High School seniors (12th grade) may qualify for early release/late arrival according to the following provisions:
1. Students must have their own transportation to participate in the Early Release/Late Arrival Program everyday. NO parent pick up, bus riders, or other transportation.
2. Students may not be on campus during their early release/late arrival blocks unless they have written permission from an administrator, with permission letter in hand.
3. Students must attend advisement each day. Excessive tardies to advisement may result in revocation of program participation. Excessive absences and tardies will affect exam exemptions.
4. Students must leave campus immediately at the end of the third block-off, and be off campus by the tardy bell. If students are on campus, the Early Release/Late Arrival Contract will be dropped and a class will be assigned. This is at the discretion of an Administrator.
5. The Media Center is NOT an option for Early Release/Late Arrival.
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Student Agreement: By typing my full name below, it is my understanding that participation in the Early Release/Late Arrival Program is a privilege and such privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the school administration. Participating students are subject to the same rules and regulations as full-time students, including disciplinary actions and extra-curricular eligibility. *
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