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Survey For Parents of Pull-Out Gifted students 4th-6th Grades
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The G/TProgram provides challenges to my child and enhances his or her ability to develop critical and creative thinking skills.
The G/T Program assists my child in becoming intellectually and creatively capable, productive, and responsible.
The coordinator/teacher has provided me with information concerning Ouachita's Gifted Program.
I believe the G/T Program helps my child to gain healthy self-concepts of his/her strengths, weaknesses, and responsibility to self, school, and community.
I feel my child benefits from being grouped with student of similar academic interests and abilities.
I feel my child's regular classroom teacher provides positive support for students in the G/T Program.
I feel the G/T teacher provides positive support for students in the G/T program.
I believe the G/T teacher allows students to be creative, and use their critical thinking skills.
I have the opportunity to provide input concerning G/T and my child.
I am a parent of a G/T student in:
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