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Pet History and Contact Information
Our new in-hospital appointment process helps to limit person-to-person contact while still providing our best level of patient care. We still encourage curbside visits for your pet. When possible please have only one person enter the building with your pet(s). To expedite the check-in process and to ensure we are all on the same page for your beloved pet, please complete this form prior to your arrival. Also, if you have had any type of illness in the past 14 days, please let us know so that we can take all the necessary precautions for the safety of our staff members.
• A mask is mandatory to enter our hospital. If you did not bring a mask, you are welcome to purchase one from us for $5, or you may stay outside for your pet’s appointment.
• When you arrive please call 720-974-0040. Wait outside for a staff member to greet you.
• A staff member will take your temperature via a forehead scanner prior to coming inside.
• Once you enter the building, we will go directly into a room with your pet.
• A technician will go over the completed Pet History and Contact Form emailed via Google Forms, and take your pet to our treatment area for the doctor to examine your pet. Please remain in the room during your pet’s appointment!
• The doctor will return to the exam room and go over the pets’ exam findings with you and recommend any treatments/diagnostics.
• Your furry family member will then be brought back to you in the room and payment for services rendered will be completed in the room.
• You and your pet may then leave directly through the front door and enjoy the rest of your day!

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation during this unprecedented and difficult time!
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Have you had any type of respiratory illness in the past 14 days?
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For NEW PATIENT(S) please email medical records to prior to your appointment.
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