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Part 3 | Interacoustics CPD 2019
The Speed and Accuracy of Next-Generation ASSR and ABR Audiometry in Children
Kindly set aside a few hours to complete this online CPD activity, noting that the answers will not automatically save if your network cuts off or your activity is interrupted. Please keep a record of your answers in case you lose network connection before submitting this CPD online form. Qualified Health Care Professionals have until 29th of November 2019 to complete the monthly online CPD activities. Certificates will be issued no later than the 13th of December 2019.
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1. ASSR & ABR stand for: *
2. Why is it important to identify a hearing loss early? *
3. According to the JCIH (2007), ABR is known as the method of choice for: *
4. In the 1990s, a new technique for evaluating thresholds, now known as the ASSR was commercially developed. ASSR allowed for the possibility of reducing test time by evaluating ______ frequencies in each ear simultaneously: *
5. The new “q-sample” detection algorithm for the ASSR helps to evaluate: *
6. The ASSR “Next Generation” detection algorithm is designed to detect amplitude & phase at up to: *
7. CE- Chirp was termed after its primary developer Claus Elberling. *
8. The test protocol for the study included: *
9. During ABR testing for the study, the audiologist could not extend the maximum number of sweeps if deemed necessary: *
10. The three sleep states described in the study were: *
11. During data analysis: *
12. A noise-stopping rule of _____ is now recommended: *
13. When using ASSR over ABR most time is saved in instances where children are: *
14. The test time for ASSR is: *
15. Children with normal hearing can be tested in less time than children with a hearing loss: *
16. In the decision regarding whether to use test time for bone conduction measures, which of the below can be most helpful: *
17. ASSR thresholds can be affected by: *
18. ASSR as executed in this study will produce: *
19. The amplitude advantage of the NB CE-Chirp over traditional tone bursts: *
20. In the study, the same protocol features that are mentioned for ASSR also reduced the test time for ABR: *
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