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A Data Base to Preserve Working Jack Russell Terriers
This database is associated with web site and blog, which have been in operation for more than 15 years.


The late Eddie Chapman was a great believer in the value of small working terriers, and he was also an advocate of "breeding uphill," or having a smaller male dog cover a slightly larger bitch to avoid whelping problems.

Because small male working terriers are rare, and because they are of great value to the working terrier world, more needs to be done to preserve the very best seed from these terriers for generations to come.

This data base is being compiled with the idea of identifying small working male Jack Russell terriers so that their genes can be promoted in order to keep working dogs in the field

The Terrierman web has a history of collecting this kind of information in the United States. In 2007, we did a survey of 390 American working terriers and determined that their average size was just over 12 inches tall. Of the 355 workers tallied when statistics were analyzed, 200 were bitches and 155 dogs were male dogs -- a skew towards females due to the fact that getting a really small male working terrier was relatively hard to do. Of all the working dogs counted, only 37 males were 12 inches tall or smaller.

In this survey, we have added chest size to the requested measurements, as well as age or birth date. The simplest way to to collect chest size is to use a string while spanning the dog and measure it against a tape.

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