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PDC Blogging Community Survey
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Is your blog your side hustle or full time gig?
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What niche or industry do you blog about? What areas do you cover?
How long have you been blogging?
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Is your website built on WordPress? If not, what do you use and why? Have you ever considered switching?
Seasoned or Beginner *
Would you describe yourself as a seasoned blogger or a beginner blogger?
Blogging Experience
Describe why you identify as either a beginner or a seasoned blogger. What factors affect how you view yourself in the blogging world?
What Works?
Are you happy with your current blog design and performance (what are your monthly page views)? If you do not have a blog yet, why haven’t you started yet?
2020 Goals
What are your blog goals for 2020?
Let's Get Real
What is the hardest part of blogging?
Are you making money from blogging?
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Time Machine
If you could go back and do anything differently with your blog, what would you do differently now?
The Not Fun Stuff...
What's just awful to do everyday. If you could reliably outsource tasks, what would they be?
Techie Stuff
How comfortable are you with the technical site of your blog? ie hosting, security, performance, speed
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