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(In)forming an Ecology of Care : A gathering of experts with a vision for Care
An International Congress on the Ecology of Care - Copenhagen (Thurs-Fri) 17-18 November, 2016
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(In)forming an Ecology of Care : A gathering of experts with a vision for Care
We invite you to meet, discuss and help develop innovative, world changing ideas with 12 specially selected industry leaders from a broad spectrum of industry and disciplines– this is a unique and rare opportunity to take part in a seminal event looking at existing, real-world problems through the lens of an Ecology of Care i.e. A human / natural world perspective. We have invited 12 top thinkers from industry and academia to come together to inspire conversations that will lead us to new scenarios for change in a world seemingly short on ideas for real improvement on issues of global significance - We would love it if you can join us and help by playing a part in this exciting process. Please use this registration link or the one below.

Speaker Topic area / Institution
John Thackara Philosophy and Design: Seeing the world differently
Prof. Dr. Katherine Richardson Global Sustainability - Sustainability Science Centre, DK
Assoc Prof. Dr. Ian Hargraves Healthcare and Patient experience - Knowledge & Evaluation Unit, Mayo Clinic, USA
Prof. Dr. Katherine Trebeck New economic paradigms – Oxfam, UK
Ms. Kate Stohr Architecture for Humanity - 99 Antennas, USA
Ms. Lorna Ross Strategic Design - Centre for Innovation, Mayo Clinic, USA
Mr. Josef Hargrave Ecology, Engineering, Foresight - Strategic Foresight Group, Arup Engineering, UK
Assoc Prof. Annemarie Peen Rodt Conflict and Displaced persons - Royal Danish Defence College, DK
Assoc Prof. Dr. Anders Sørensen Robotics and Rehabilitation systems - Robolab, University of Southern Denmark, DK
Mr. Allan Barton Personal Development - Waste Management, Arup Engineering, UK
Mr. Earle Taylor Developing Wellbeing in Education - Formerly, Education Queensland, AUS
Mrs. Harriett Levin Balkind Marketing and Communications - Strat B Alternative Strategies - Honest Ads, USA
Assoc Prof. Dr. Ian Coxon Ecology of Care - University of Southern Denmark, DK
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