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USH RE 2022-2023 Volunteer Registration Form 
Please complete the form below to begin your path as a volunteer religious educator at The Unitarian Society of Hartford! We thank you for your interest in fostering the next generation at our Congregation!
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Date: *
Applicant's last name. *
Applicant's first name. (Please use your preferred name!) *
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Primary Phone Number (please indicate if it is a home, mobile, or work number): *
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Email Address (please include an email you frequently check for updates). *
How long have you been involved at USH or other Unitarian Universalist congregations? *
Are you currently a member of USH? *
Have you worked with children in a classroom setting in the past? *
If you HAVE worked with children in a classroom setting in the past, please elaborate on your experiences below. Was it a paid position or volunteer work? What did you like best about the experience? What could have been better? What made you want to come back to the classroom? (If you answered no above, simply put N/A here). *
If you HAVE NOT worked with children in a classroom setting in the past, please explain why you wish to do so now at USH. What has inspired you to step up to this role? What do you wish to gain from the experience? What challenges do you anticipate, and how will you approach them? (If you answered yes above, simply put N/A here). *
Do you have any other relevant experience working with children? (Having raised children, babysat, tutored, been a camp counselor, been a specialty instructor outside the classroom such as a sports coach or dancing teacher, etc).
Please indicate which RE group (s) you would be interested in working with: *
For the duration of your involvement as an RE volunteer, there will be a level of time commitment necessary for performing your duties, which may extend beyond Sunday classroom time. How much time per week are you able to donate? *
Federal and state law, along with our Safer Congregation policy, requires us to perform a background check screening on all candidates looking to work with children and youth. Are you willing to take a background check that we will provide for you soon after this application is processed? PLEASE NOTE: You will not be eligible to perform classroom duties until your background check screening is finalized. *
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