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JTMF Street Teamers & Promo Dreamers
We're looking for music lovers who want to join our street team and are excited to spread the word about the festival. In exchange for your amazing efforts, you'll earn ONE festival pass that includes camping (tent camping only; if you'd like to have your car at your campsite, you need to buy a car pass). Please read the following information THOROUGHLY and submit this form if you'd like to get involved!

PLEASE NOTE: Street Team registration cuts off March 30 for May Festival and August 31 for October Festival.

How can you help?

*Hang posters in the high traffic areas of your city (always be sure to ask for approval from staff)
- Record stores - still a few of them left :)
- Campuses
- Laundry mats (many have message boards)
- Head shops
- Pizza joints
- Coffee shops & cafes
- Bookstores
- Outside busy restaurants
*Pass out handbills at like-minded show and events
*Join the official Facebook event, invite your friends and post link on your wall (tagging us and the venue if you can!), like the bands on the lineup and share their JTMF Posts
*Promote the show on your social networks

To get your Festival Pass, you email a report which MUST be:

*A numbered list of 30 places you hung the POSTERS and put POSTCARDS, or your 70 online posts, or a combination totaling 70 posts
*Photos or screenshots of ALL of your posts posted at the location - physical or online.

Be sure to submit your reports by the due date. Even if you did all the work, IF A REPORT IS NOT SENT and an approval not sent back to you, your name will NOT be on the will call list, and you'll be super disappointed at the door.

*Due to the volume of responses received we will get in touch with successful applicants only. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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FULL Physical Mailing Address (street address, city, state, zip). Note: package will be sent via USPS. *
(Please include CITY, STATE & ZIP, this is where we will be sending your street team pack. If you do not include a full, valid mailing address your submission WILL NOT be considered).
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