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[ 2020第七屆台灣國際錄像藝術展-阿尼瑪 ] 國際徵件-線上報名 Open Call for the 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in 2020- ANIMA
Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (TIVA) has been organized biennially since 2008 and has been through a decade to this day, making breakthroughs and ushering in new definitions for images. The year 2020 marks the 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition. Artists are welcome aboard!

Open Call for the 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in 2020- ANIMA

Entry Deadline|April, 30, 2020 (GMT+8) 23:59
Curator|Eva LIN, Wei YU
Presenter|Chew’s Culture Foundation Hong-Gah Museum, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

The bone weight of individual is measured via the periodical rhythm of the combinations of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches that reflect the rises and falls in life. As we speak of the weight of images, does it also come with an average value, along with an area of variation? In 1994, Susan reported to the police, claiming that her two sons had been kidnapped. With both kids unaccounted for, however, the mother referred to her children in the past tense during an interview. Image as a form of consciousness is as subtle yet fatal as this force of habit in language.

If image viewing is referred as a ritual of hypnosis, the intermediary condition betwixt sober and slumber is the very object we aim to weigh. Even when we are awake at the moment of deep sleep or being wakeful at the time of supposedly hypnotized, what are being played in mind no longer are the visual images on the surface, but the summoned images from consciousness. Upon our bodies taken by images, the consciousnesses to which no flesh has been allocated are restless, whereas the primitive contours of souls are just about to manifest themselves.

As the title of the exhibition, “Anima” derived from Latin refers to “life” as well as “soul”. We are not merely viewing images. We experience images. At the most distracted moment, we can still be aware of the presence of an image. How can an image be perceived when we “unread” it? Or to the extreme, can an image still be established when we “unsee” it? Is there a kind of images that are unreadable? Also, what is it if an image is unseen?

You will be asked to provide the following information:
1. Personal Information
2. Previous Exhibitions or Awards (list 5)
3. Work Information ( Work Title, Year of Creation, Duration, Material,
Audio, YouTube, Vimeo or youku link, link password)
4. Statement (artist statement 300-500 words.)
5. About your work (work description 300-500 words.)

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2020 第七屆台灣國際錄像藝術展 徵件主題|ANIMA 阿尼瑪
收件時間|即日起至台灣時間 2020年4月30日23:59 止
主辦單位|財團法人邱再興文教基金會 鳳甲美術館、臺灣當代文化實驗場



作為展題的「ANIMA 阿尼瑪」,是拉丁文裡的「生命」,也是「靈魂」。我們不只觀看影像。我們體驗影像。在注意力最鬆散的時刻,我們仍意識到影像存在。當我們「不讀」的時候,影像如何被感知?或推到極致,當我們「不看」的時候,影像還成立嗎?有沒有一種不可閱讀的影像?看不到的影像又是什麼?


1. 個人資料
2. 參展/得獎經歷 (最多五則)
3. 作品資料 (作品名稱、創作年份、長度、材質、聲音)
4. 作品上傳網路之連結與密碼
5. 創作自述 (300-500字)
6. 作品介紹 (300-500字)

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