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Internship Agreement
Asia Innovations Group is pleased to offer you the position of marketing intern.
Download Uplive, stream once a week, share your stream in the intern group.
Promote Uplive and recruit new users/broadcasters
Create your referral link by adding your full name (with no space in between) behind the “=” sign here:
For example, if your name is Johnny Depp, your referral link will be:
You can shorten the link here:
Get a QR code for your link here
Make posters for your social media/online forums/print-out, include your referral link and QR code on all your promo material, so that you’ll receive credit for your downloads. Here is marketing material you can use for your posters:
Post on social media once a week and share screenshots in the intern group.
Post your flyers once a week on campus, restaurant,coffee shop,club,sports bar and community bulletin board. Take photos and share in the intern group.
Hand out flyers at local events/concerts/festivals. Take photos of the scene where people are holding the flyers. Share the photos in the intern group.
Organize events/parties with friends and relatives. Share photos/videos.
To sum up, document and show your work to the company, so that we’ll be able to evaluate your performance and determine your pay.
Base pay: $200. Requirements: 50 downloads, 10 minimum recharges.
Bonus: $1 for each download after 50 basic downloads.
Recruit new interns, get $0.50 per their download after their 50 basic downloads.
Recruit 25 hosts, get additional $200.
Event fund: $50-100. Submit a proposal for approval 3 days in advance including number of guests, address, agenda, specify if there will be live head-to-head at the event.
Uplive account
Facebook account
Instagram account
Your referral link (only type the part behind the "="sign, for example, if your link is, only type in johnnydepp below)
Check here to indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Internship Agreement.
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