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AraCon 2019 - Feedback Survey
Thank you for joining us at Aragon's first big community gathering! As we emerge from a beautiful week in Berlin, we would like to capture your thoughts on the experience created over the two days event while it is fresh in your mind. Please be as critical and constructive as you want so we can improve the quality of the next conference!

Thank you for your input!

What did you appreciate the most about the overall AraCon experience? *
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What did you not like about the overall experience? *
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Ideasbox - please let us know if you have any general feedback or ideas to implement in the future.
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What made AraCon different than other crypto (or similar type of) events you've attended?
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Please rate the quality of the different event aspects below:
1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest rate
Ticket registration process *
Pre-conference communications *
Choice of speakers *
Number of attendees *
Program structure (presentations, panels, one stage,...) *
Food choice *
Venue location *
Accommodation options in the venue surrounding area *
Berlin as the location choice for the first AraCon *
What supporting comments can you give us on any of the above? Which event aspect stuck out and why? Which one do you think was unnecessary or could be improved?
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Were all the topics you wanted to hear about covered? If not, please explain what was missing. *
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What was your favourite talk or panel and why? *
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What specific topic or speaker you'd like to see at AraCon 2? *
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General admission for AraCon was €150. In your opinion, this ticket price in correlation with the quality of the event was: *
How much would you be willing to pay for a ticket to attend AraCon 2? *
AraCon 2
When thinking about future Aragon community gatherings, what are the first ideas that come to your mind? How do you envision future AraCon events? *
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What would you like to see changed or improved at AraCon 2? *
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Where would you like to see AraCon 2 happening? (city/country) *
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Is there anything else you'd like to share?
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If you have ideas for next year please get in touch with us at
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