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Laser Cutter Safety and Approval Quiz
Score of 100% required to use LWHS lasercutters
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Your class or D&T section (Drill, Ruler, etc.) *
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The following material is absolutely unacceptable and dangerous to cut in any laser cutter: *
If you do not see your material on the list of acceptable laser friendly materials you should: *
If anything seems at all wrong during laser focusing or cutting you should: *
If it’s your first time using the laser cutter or your first time with a certain material, you should do all of the following except: *
If you have the incorrect settings for the laser cutter, which of the following could happen. *
If a fire were to start in the laser cutter, and shutting it off didn’t help what should you do: *
Where is the fire extinguisher in the Electronics Lab? *
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Where are the fire extinguishers in the Jewelry and Computing Room? *
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To operate the machine you need to turn it on. What other unit must be on to stopping carcinogenic fumes from entering the room: *
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If you are cutting a 2” x 2” shape from a larger sheet of material, you should place the shape: *
What’s the most sensible and eco-friendly material for testing the machine and/or prototyping: *
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