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Workshop: Game Music Hacks

Do you want to make music at game jams or support your team during rapid prototyping phases? There are easy formulas for pulling a catchy song out of nowhere and some ridiculously easy, cheap tricks for buffing up music into something better on the spot. This lecture/workshop is loaded with tips/tricks/suggestions for anyone who wants to be able to make music quickly. We'll do a dive into music-writing techniques and strategies, including tips for specific VSTs and plug-ins. Say yes to absolutely every team that asks for tunes and prepare for lots of fun. These are my game music hacks.

(Open for all levels, but please come with any DAW/music-making software of your choice pre-installed on your computer.)

In order to sign up for this workshop you need to have your own ticket to the Nordic Game Jam or to the Nordic Game Jam Developer Conference.

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