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Lawn Games Check-Out Form
This form will need to be filled out in order to rent out any listed equipment from the SDFC. All equipment within this list can be checked out free of charge. The requesting party will only be subject to fees if any checked out equipment is damaged or taken/lost. SDFC Staff will not be included when checking out any equipment, it is up to the requesting party to manage and maintain any games and equipment that they check out prior to checking them back in.
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Name of Requesting Group *
Name of Contact *
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Starting Date Equipment is needed for *
Ending Date Equipment is needed for *
Please list what specific times you will need the equipment for during each day requested *
The following is a list of what games and pieces of equipment we have as well as how many of each are available for check out. Please do not request more than what is available.
-Football (Quantity: 7)
-Volleyball (Quantity: 10)
-Soccerball (Quantity: 11)
-Basketball (Quantity: 17)
-Frisbees (Quantity: 5)
-Kickball (Quantity: 3)
-Wiffleball w/ Bat (Quantity: 0)
-Giant Jenga (Quantity: 1)
-Giant Connect 4 (Quantity: 1)
-Giant Chess (Quantity: 1)
-Cornhole Set (Quantity: 5)
-Lawn Bowling (Quantity: 1)
-Croquet (Quantity: 4)
-Ladderball (Quantity: 2)
-Kan-Jam (Quantity: 1)
-Bucket Ball (Quantity: 1)
-Archery Set (Quantity: 4)
Number of Footballs needed
Number of Volleyballs needed
Number of Soccer balls needed
Number of Basketballs needed
Number of Frisbees needed
Number of Kickballs needed
Number of Wiffleball/w bat needed
Number of Giant Jenga needed
Number of Giant Connect 4 needed
Number of Giant Chess needed
Number of Cornhole Sets needed
Number of Lawn Bowling needed
Number of Croquet needed
Number of Ladderball Sets needed
Number of Kan-Jam needed
Number of Bucketball needed
Number of Archery Sets needed
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