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Nomination form: EducationWorld Grand Jury Awards 2018-19
Nominate your school for EW Grand Jury Awards 2018-19 which has 11 categories of primary-secondary education excellence. If you believe that your school excels in any of the categories listed below. Please read the instructions carefully and fill in the nomination form.

Categories of Nomination

GREEN SCHOOLS: Schools are judged for constructing and maintaining environment-friendly campuses, practicing environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes and providing sustainability education.

STEAM EDUCATION EXCELLENCE: Schools delivering innovative science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics education through experiential pedagogies.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Schools are assessed for encouraging student-led community service in school-sponsored, regional or international community projects.

MULTI-SPORTS CULTURE: Schools which encourage and provide facilities and training for several sports and games.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES USAGE: Schools which integrate cutting-edge technology in their curriculum and teaching-learning.

EMERGING HIGH-POTENTIAL SCHOOL: Schools that are low-profile or newly promoted and have demonstrated high-potential to quickly adopt and integrate 21st-century education best practices.

EXTRAORDINARY LEADERSHIP: These awards acknowledge extraordinary education leaders from among low-profile and newly emergent schools.

INNOVATIVE TEACHING: Several schools have demonstrated extraordinary capability to break away from rote learning, and introduce cognitive development and experiential education.

CAREER COUNSELLING LEADERS: Several progressive schools provide professional career counselling services to aid students evaluate suitable university programmes based on their interests, aptitudes and intelligence.

CAMPUS ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN: Schools with attractive and conducive campuses which enables children to learn joyfully and give their best, are awarded in this category.

LIBRARY & READING CULTURE: Schools which provide library facilities and actively promote reading culture.

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