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Head Space and Timing Feedback
Hello, faithful audience! In order to continue to make an effort to change how we think and talk about veteran mental health, I'm interested in feedback about the Head Space and Timing blog and podcast. Many times, we think we know what our audience thinks, but do we really? I recently had a great conversation with a fellow veteran who has been reading the blog for several months; I was told, "more people read your stuff than you think, but Veterans aren't going to come out and tell you."

I'd like to know! I'd appreciate it if you would take a few minutes and answer this short ten-question survey about the blog and podcast. As thanks for filling out the survey, you will be given a link to download the Head Space and Timing eBook in PDF format. Thanks in advance!
Are you a:
How often do you read the Head Space and Timing Blog at :
If you have read the blog, how would you rate the content? (leave blank if you've not read it)
How often do you listen to the the Head Space and Timing Podcast located at :
If you have listened to the podcast, how would you rate the content? (leave blank if you've not listened to it)
How do you hear about new Head Space and Timing content?
There is a new podcast and new blog post released weekly. Is this frequency:
Head Space and Timing Blog posts are typically between 800-1200 words. Is this length:
What improvements would you recommend for either the blog or the podcast?
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What topics about Veteran Mental Health would you like to see discussed on the blog or podcast?
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Bonus question! Would you like to join Duane on the Podcast to discuss one of your favorite blog posts?
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