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Counseling at New Life Sign-Up Form
Greetings! This is the New Life Church site from which you can sign up to receive professional counseling here.

Here at New Life, we have the following professional counselors:

Mark Bishop, MA, LLPC.
Rachel Stewart, MSW, LLMSW

After you fill out this form, one of us will get back to you within a week to schedule a first appointment, which is free. At your first meeting, you can discuss any questions you have about your counselor or the counseling process.

Our rates are the following:
$80/50-min. session and $70/50-min. session for current students.

(All these fees are discounted from a normal counseling fee as a service to New Life Church.)

Further need-based fee reductions may be available through an application process, depending on the counselor. To qualify for a fee reduction, clients must fill out our Fee Reduction Application (which includes a detailed budget) to demonstrate that they have financial need and have made every effort to pay as close to a full fee as is possible.

At times, we may have a waiting list for ongoing counseling. If you would prefer not to wait, here is a list of other counselors that we recommend:
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(When you apply for a fee reduction, you will be asked to provide a detailed budget so your financial need can be assessed. We can refer you to NLC members with financial expertise who have volunteered to help Rivendell clients learn how to make a budget.)
If you have any questions or comments for your counselor, please write them here.
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