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Terms & Conditions
Please read all the terms and conditions below.

1. After the 1st lesson, upfront payments for further tuitions are made on a monthly basis.

2. I will only teach lessons paid in advance.

3. I can only timetable weekly lessons for one-to-one tuitions. I cannot accommodate fortnightly lessons.

4. All notes provided are viewable online only. They cannot be downloaded or printed.

5. Lessons will start at the scheduled time. If you do not login to the tuition on time then you will be missing some of your tuition time.

6. If you are having problems logging in then you must contact me immediately by phone call, Skype messaging, Gmail, text / WhatsApp or via my website.

7. I reserve the right to charge in full for any lessons cancelled by the student (or the student’s parent or guardian) with less than 24 hours notice.

8. My timings are based on BST from April-October and GMT from November -March. The student is responsible for changing their timetable during the changeover from BST to GMT and from GMT to BST.

9. I can do work outside of the lesson (e.g. marking past papers) but this will be charged on a pro rata basis.

10. Group tuitions - the cost is spread among the students. Should 1 student in the group not attend a tuition, then the other student(s) would have to pay for the full cost (£55.00) of the lesson.

11. I do not allow students to take screenshots of my powerpoints or record the online lessons. Thank you for your understanding.

12. When a student stops their tuitions, then access to any resources will stop with immediate effect.

13. Whilst I will always endeavour to do my best for every student, I cannot and do not guarantee a specific grade will be achieved by a student in any examination.

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