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NAEYC's Streamlined Accreditation: Standard 3 -- Teaching
Please use this form to provide feedback about the "Standard 3_Draft_03.2017", containing newly formatted best practice standards and streamlined site visit assessment items related to Std 3.
No specific questions are required (you can skip anything you wish), and your comments are anonymous. Your feedback is appreciated, and will help us understand how to improve our new accreditation methods.
Section 1: Comment on the narrative part of the Standard 3 draft, describing best practices for each topic area.
Do you understand the “big ideas” of Standard 3 and each topic area within the standard? Did they make sense to you?
Tell us more about this.
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Are the sentences clear enough when describing best practices?
If no, please give us some examples where you thought the language was not clear
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Could you understand which age group or groups each practice is recommended for?
If no, please let give us examples of where this was not clear.
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What additional information would you like to see in the best practices section, to help you understand the practices better?
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