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Impact Academy Round 11: Application Form
Following ten(10) successful previous rounds of the Impact Accelerator, Impact Academy will be delivering the next round (aptly named IA-11) starting in August 2019.

Do you think you and your social enterprise have what it takes to be part of an Impact Academy Accelerator?

Whether you're simply one great idea or concept, a couple of steps away from taking your product to market, or an experienced start-up looking for enterprise-scale guidance, our Academy program will match your needs. We strive to create the best Social Enterprises through our Impact Accelerator - globally relevant, commercially viable, designed to scale, investment / market ready and with tangible impact models that are integral to the way your business is oriented.

Candidates applying to the Impact Accelerator should be open and receptive to mentoring and coaching, and be ready to work through milestones with accountability.

Here’s how it works:

1) Complete and submit the application form.
2) We will review all applicants and contact those selected to complete an initial pitch presentation. The selected enterprises will be given 20 minutes to provide an insight into their business and its social impact.
3) Beyond this initial panel pitch, we may seek individual meetings with enterprises to further clarify direction and strategy. This will be conducted in person or over the phone.
4) Successful applicants are notified on the basis that we believe the Impact Accelerator and Impact Academy community is the best fit for your enterprise.

The eligibility criteria applied to the Impact Accelerator program intake is:

1. Be either a for-profit or NFP company, that is focused on delivering positive social outcomes as an integral part of your business strategy and model.

2. Demonstrate that your enterprise model is commercially viable and will have the capacity to sustain into the future through trade.

3. Be able to clearly articulate the intended growth strategy and path to scalability both in terms of economics and social outcomes.

4. Be a solo founder, joint co-founders, or a team that is dedicated to pursuing the Social Enterprise venture and will be actively engaged in our Impact Accelerator program, and with our expert Impact Academy team.

5. Have a social innovation underpinned by a creative product, solution, or service that is in development, or an understanding of what is required for development. We love to see MVP’s, get an idea of your intellectual property or research, or your creative business models.

6. Completion of the online Application Form in full.

7. Ability to attend an interview and pitch (in person or via video conference) with the Impact Academy team, a review team of some trusted industry experts, and a select group of Impact Academy alumni.

We treat every selected enterprise as a scholarship funded position. The cost of delivering such a comprehensive program is offset through our scholarship partners who provide funds knowing that grass roots social innovation has the capacity to solve systemic and global inequities.

Unlike many accelerator models, we don't take an equity position upfront in the Social Enterprises coming through our program. We know our program adds significant value and our team delivers enormous benefit...but equity should be earned. Our intention is to be a true partner in businesses that prove the can produce outcomes and that we like working with. This way of working with enterprises means we essentially invite each other to be more involved on the basis of delivering outcomes.

If you're interested in participating in the region's leading Social Enterprise Accelerator program, please use this form to tell us a little about yourself, your Social Enterprise, and why you believe that you and your venture would be a strong candidate for the Impact Accelerator.

Next steps:

Sounds good? Complete the Impact Accelerator Program Form below now.

Applications close: 11.59pm on 30 June 2019.
Email address *
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First Name *
Surname *
Contact and other *
Which Country, State, City/Town do you currently reside in? *
Impact Academy is based in Brisbane though applicants from anywhere are encouraged to apply. We have had multiple participants from various states and territories participate in previous rounds of the Impact Accelerator, as well as internationally from across Asia
Your Enterprise name and ABN? *
Please use the format: "Enterprise < space > ABN". Note: if this is not yet a legally incorporated entity please enter a project name in the format: "PROJECT < s
Your role in the Enterprise? *
Founder, CEO, Director, etc.
Please indicate the stage you are at with your start-up *
Your Company Website *
Enter your web address. Put TBD if you don't have one.
If there are social media or other digital media platforms in place, please include the details here:
Please separate each social media feed with a semi colon. For example;; enterprisetwitterID.
What is your elevator pitch? *
We are in an elevator for two minutes, please give us an impactful summary of your business (1,200 character limit).
What unique value does your company provide? *
How are you solving a problem, how is it different than what is already out there? Do you have intellectual property, unique processes etc? (1,200 character limit)
Are you an existing Operating Enterprise? *
If yes, for how long?
What type of funding have you had? *
Do you have a Business Plan or Model that you have been working on? *
If yes, please send relevant documents via email to, with the subject formatted as: "IA-10 Application Documents: < your Enterprise Name >"
Please describe the Social Impact that your Enterprise is making or will make (3-5 sentences). *
What is the root cause that your initiative addresses? What are your aspirations? What is your impact model?
Please describe your Business Model (3-5 sentences). *
Advise what industry/market you operate within, who your customers are and how will the model be commercially viable.
Please outline your Sales, Marketing and Acquisition strategy (3-5 sentences). *
How are you planning to distribute your product/service, what competitors exist and what is your unique point of difference?
Please provide details of how you will fund your initial expenses, and advise your 2-3 year growth strategy (3-5 sentences). *
What resources are available to capitalise the operation and how might you fund any plans for scalable impact?
In which area of social disadvantage do you operate in? *
Are you sole founder or co-founder with team members? What other partners are you working with already? *
Please provide skills, strengths and previous experiences of founder/s. What partners or other stakeholders are involved? Where are the biggest skills gap for your enterprise?
Will you be working full-time on the development of your Enterprise? *
Does your enterprise operate from an existing office, co-working space or home? *
Will you require an office or co-working space for you / your team? *
If yes, briefly describe work space needs (full/part time, desks/offices required, etc).
What would you see are your greatest support needs over the next 6 to 12 months? *
What do you believe would be most critical from Impact Academy's Acceleration Program?
Please confirm that you are available to pitch between 3rd to 5th July 2019 *
Second round of applicants will be invited to pitch to a judging panel (Spring Hill, Brisbane or via video call)
Online Agreement *
Impact Academy highly respects your privacy and does not release any information to third parties. I declare that all information on this application is true.
Online Agreement *
Impact Academy highly respects your privacy and does not release any information to third parties. I declare that all information on this application is true.
Where did you hear about Impact Academy? *
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