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Yana & Egbert Short Survey
Please take approximately 5 minutes give us feedback about the Yana & Egbert Series.
What was your overall reaction to Yana and Egbert episode/series? *
Did you watch the episode/series with your child? *
If yes, did you discuss anything about what you were watching with your child as you watched?
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Do you think your child understood the concepts in the episode/series? *
What might have improved their ability to learn more from the episode/series? *
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Did YOU learn anything new from watching Yana and Egbert episode/series? *
Did YOUR CHIlD learn anything new? *
Did watching Yana & Egbert change your attitude about science? *
Do you think watching Yana & Egbert changed your CHILD'S attitude about science? *
Would you recommend this program to others? *
We're all ears! Please tell us anything else that you did or didn't like, found confusing, found delightful, etc?
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