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Welcome to EMULSIVE Santa 2017
EMULSIVE Santa 2016 was a resounding success, with nearly 500 players in nearly 30 countries. That said, it wasn't without it's problems: Bad Santas.

2017's Secret Santa event introduces a number of measures designed at offering better protection against non-participating players - those who signed up but never send a gift (those Bad Santas).

One of these measures is a semi-closed registration system which requires players who want to join in this years event to complete this form.

Once we have your sign-up request, you will be sent an invite link to the main EMULSIVE Santa 2017 group on Elfster.

The details you enter here will only be used for the purposes of inviting you to join this year's event. You will still need to register directly on Elfster to take part.

If you requested to do so in this form, you will also be added to the EMULSIVE newsletter. Your information will be stored in this form, on Elfster (our service partner), and in the EMULSIVE email management system.

Thanks for reading, thanks for understanding and thanks for playing. Together, we're hoping to make 2017's event bigger and safer than ever before!

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