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Little Black Dress Event Videography / Photography Agreement
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149 Chace St.
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Please make a copy of your records before sending in the contract along with your retainer fee. Send payments to Little Black Dress Images, 149 Chace St. Somerset MA 02726 GUARANTEE INFORMATION, OR TERMS AND CONDITIONS New England Video Productions satisfaction guarantee: You can view your video and photos prior to your final payment before picking up your product if desired. If you are not completely satisfied we will re-edit the photos and or video, or refund your money.If we are unable to comply with the terms listed, for any reason, we will issue a refund check to you in the amount of payments listed on the agreement. We assume no liability other then refunding payments listed, nor can we assume liability for damage or loss of photos, videos, recorded music, or anything sent to or from New England Video Productions by mail or carrier service. We strongly suggest you ensure anything you send to us.Videotaping, Photographing and editing is done at our discretion. If you request additional video taping, photographing or editing you may be billed separately. Additional cost including tolls, parking fees, travel and/or lodging may be billed separately. New England Video Productions takes great care in the maintenance of all equipment and does everything possible to ensure a quality recording. In the event of equipment, card or tape malfunction, New England Video Productions can not be held liable.New England Video Productions reserves the right to use your original video, audio and or photos for promotional, publication, and any legal purposes. Original video and edited masters will remain the property of New England Video Productions. Original photo and video files will be stored for no less than six months from the date of production and the edited master disc will be stored for no less than two years. No video or DVD master completed or uncompleted may be received until the balance is paid in full. The final payment is due when you receive your final discs, Blu-rays or photos.PAYMENT INFORMATIONPayment for production can be made in three steps. The retainer fee is due when you hire New England Video Productions. The second payment is due seven days before your wedding date. The final payment is due when you receive your videos and or photos on disks. We suggest dividing the total package payments into thirds: One third for the retainer fee, one third prior to the wedding date, in the final third when you receive your final disks. This is only a suggestion and other payment options are available. Please contact us for additional details.
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