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2019 Women's Open Lake Tahoe Tournament Free Agent Registration Form
Individual players, once referred to a registered team, will provide the required documentation to their team point of contact in order to play in the tournament.
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Jersey size
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Desired team bracket placement. ** All teams will play at least 1 team from each bracket in pool play format**
Cell phone
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Cell phone, agreement to allow text messaging
Emergency Contact Person
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Contact Person phone number
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Emergency Contact Person phone number, permission to send text message
Field Position (1st preference)
Field Position (2nd preference)
US Lacrosse membership number (all numbers will be verified by July 15, any expired or false numbers will prevent the player from participating)
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US Lacrosse membership expiration date
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I understand that the tournament takes place on July 19-21 and that I must be available for games on each of those days.
I understand that the tournament requires that ALL players have a US Lacrosse membership in order to be covered by event insurance.
The tournament registration fee is $25 due in full by July 15, 2019. I understand that if I do not pay in full by that date I will loose my spot on the Free Agent list.
I understand that the free agent registration fee is $25. Should the tournament directors be unable to place me on a team I will receive a partial refund 15 days after the tournament conclusion.
I understand that the team in which I am placed may require that I contribute towards the team registration fee and/or team housing. Should those costs be more than you are willing to pay you must inform your intention to with withdraw your free agent registration with that team and the tournament director with in 72 hours of being told the costs. Free agents are NOT required to pay housing costs if they do not stay with the team. Email communication is strongly advised.
The tournament housing is at Northstar Resort in Truckee, CA or you may coordinate housing with the team you are placed. The tournament directors are not responsible for your accommodation.
Payment preference
Is there anything that you would like to suggest to the tournament operators?
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