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Angel Foods Project Application
This application is to determine whether or not you are a part of the demographic The Ladies Of Hope Ministries is dedicated to serve. The Angel Food Project is a program of The LOHM that donates groceries to formerly incarcerated people and the families of currently and formerly incarcerated people. Once you fill out this information we will determine if you are eligible to receive donations.

None of your contact information will be shared with anyone outside of The LOHM organization. Any sensitive information will be shared anonymously. You will be contacted within two weeks time.

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How many people are in your household? *
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Have you or anyone in your family ever been incarcerated? *
If your answer to the previous question was Yes, who was incarcerated? (choose N/A if you answered No) *
Which locations are best for you to pick up groceries at? (choose all locations that apply) *
Which days are you available to pick up groceries?
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