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High School Confirmation 2018
A condensed confirmation class for the busy High School Student!

Learn more about what you believe, take the next step in your faith, and meet some other awesome high school students in the process.

Contacts: Pastor Ben Schrank | Director of Youth Ministries

Office: 210-479-1477 x1044 Cell: 210-601-3246

Meetings: Sunday mornings (8 sessions) 9:30am - 10:30am in A206 (2nd floor of Family Life Center)
Tuesday evenings (2 sessions) 6:30pm - 8:30pm (Location to be announced)

Cost: $40 - Paid by Credit Card online or cash/check before, or on, the second day of class.
(Includes catechism, handouts, dinner at Discussion Sessions, and a professional photographer on the day of the confirmation ceremony.)
Class Schedule:
• Sunday, September 9: Orientation, Q&A, session #1
• Sunday, September 16: Session #2
• Sunday, September 23: Off, Class not meeting
• Sunday, September 30: Session #3

• Sunday, October 07: Session #4
• *Tuesday, October 9: Session #5 - Dinner and Discussion –(6:30pm - 8:30pm)
• Sunday, October 14: Session #6
• Sunday, October 21: Off, Class not meeting
• Sunday, October 28: Session #7

• Sunday, November 04: Session #8
• Sunday, November 11: Session #9
• *Tuesday, November 13 Session #10- Dinner and Discussion- (6:30pm-8:30pm)
• Sunday, November 18: Final session. Confirmation Ceremony immediately following the 9:30am service. Recognition during 11:00am service.

Dinner and Discussion Details: During sessions (2-4 and 6-9) there will be an opportunity for students to anonymously submit questions they would like answered. These questions will be used to compile discussion points which will be used at the dinner discussion sessions.

Ongoing Assignment: Each student will prepare a “faith project.” Either a paper, a video, a song, a poem, a piece of artwork, or you can be as creative as you’d like. The student will be responding to the question “How does my faith shape my life?” They will be asked to have their idea submitted no later than October 15. A final version will be due Sunday, November 19. It will be presented amongst our Sunday class on Confirmation day. (please ask if you have questions, and don’t be afraid to get creative).

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