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SOAR Registration 2018-2019
Welcome to the SOAR on-line registration form. We look forward to getting to know you and your children better. We are excited that you want to participate in a co-op in which families actively seek to build relationships and encourage one another to stay on track and on top of their home school pursuits in the various academic and scholastic subjects. This co-op provides our kids with enrichment opportunities through great interactive discussions and hands-on learning that help reinforce the material in exciting and memorable ways.

SOAR will be held on Tuesdays for 24 weeks during the school year, 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring. The morning classes will focus on core subjects- science and history. The afternoon classes will focus on electives. Classes begin at 9:30am and last through 2:30pm. You do not have to attend SOAR all four periods but may pick and choose which classes you want your child to participate in.

In order to be a part of the SOAR co-op, you must be part of the Family Schools Program (FSP). If you are not already a part of FSP, you can find information here.

Since this is a co-op, we require all parents to stay on site while their children are at SOAR. Beyond your 12 week teaching requirement, we will assign you to assist during other periods, be a hall monitor, etc. We also strive to give every parent an off period.

A $30 registration fee per child (preK-8th), with a $90 family cap, will be payable upon confirmation of enrollment. There is no registration fee for any child in childcare. Kathy Mercado will be collecting the registration fee via Paypal to E-mail her at for any financial questions.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Jenny Dunbar at or Tracy Minyard at

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Teacher Responsibility
Each parent will be required to teach 12 weeks throughout the year. You may teach a one semester class for 12 weeks on your own, join up with another parent to teach two semester long classes, or join up with another parent to teach a full year class.

***If you have not already committed to teaching a specific class, we have openings in the following areas:***

4th-6th grade History
6th-8th grade Finance

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Would you consider serving in an administrative capacity in one of the following areas? Please see this link for more information on what each job entails.
SOAR Policies
Please thoroughly read the SOAR Policies found here.

Have you read the SOAR Policies and Procedures document and understand your commitment to the co-op?

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