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SiaCashCoin CoinEx Vote Bounty!
Each user will receive 5000 SiaCashCoin tokens when you vote for SCC at CoinEX. For information on how to claim your SiaCashCoin tokens, please see the details below.

View the task to be completed below:

1) Login to CoinEX
2) Access voting link here
3) Take screenshot example posted below
4) Retweet
5) Join SCC at Discord and Telegram

Voting qualification: ONLY for ID verified accounts with Min. holding of 1000 CET;
CoinEx will allocate 80% of daily transaction fee income (including all coin types) to ALL CET holders proportionately

If you have questions or would like to join our community visit the links posted below:

Bitcoin Talk

Trade SiaCashCoin

Rewards will be sent daily if gwei rate is below 10

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