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AITRADE 全国資産構築セミナーAsset Buildup Seminar in Singapore







※※※※ [Notice]※※※※.
This is guiding the person who did an application of seminar participation to a seat with priority at a seminar meeting place. You apply to a seminar, there is a possibility which becomes crowded circumstances.
The application deadline is at 18:00 of the seminar previous day and even, there is a possibility which becomes crowded circumstances about the person who applied after that, so the person who participates in a seminar should register as early as possible.
The number of attendances is also restricted of the number based on Law for Prevention and Extinction of Fires in a meeting place.
It's necessary to sign on a consent form on the day to participate in a seminar.
When you can't agree, it isn't possible to participate in a seminar, so please accept it.


"ATM business" "automatic, trade"* "arbitrage"* "mining software development" we succeed in the perfect automation which chooses these asset building as AI (AI)!

And the real estate investment which is increased explosively while preserving increased property.

The AI (AI) business could get huge volume of bit coin worth millions of yen in only 3 months, and, it's automatic in the long run, the real estate where the mining business which has bit coins more and also the bit coin which increased are maintained steadily and more are increased hugely!
You will also increase Bitcoin asset in the snowman system

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