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Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. - Donation Request
We operate our business on Seven Core Values. Giving Back is one of those values. We love our community and love contributing our resources to support great causes. With that said, we are a business whose intent is to make and sell products/services. Thus, we've set out some pretty clear guidelines to outline our Donation Request process.

First, we're proud to share that we've "adopted" a few local organizations that support three things we're passionate about helping:
     - Cancer - Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin, 1400 Miles and Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
     - Kids - Sharing Happy Birthday's and the schools/programs that our own children attend
     - Animals - Pints 4 Pups and Barks for Beers

As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests for donations of beer, coffee, money, gift packs, time, etc. Here's an outline of some requirements we have to consider your donation request:
     - All donation requests must be submitted 30 DAYS prior to the day of your event.
     - If you're a for-profit business, we most likely will not make a contribution unless the donation is being used to raise money for a charity.
     - We do not sponsor children's sports/band/recreation activities, booster clubs or individual/private fundraisers.
     - Is it beer you're asking for?  Well, that gets pretty tricky with TABC laws so it's most likely something we'll have to pass on as well.
     - Asking for money? We rarely, if ever, just make an outright financial donation. Please consider an alternative request.
     - Donations must be picked up from our shop within normal business hours. Date/times must be prearranged.

Based on fitting within our guidelines listed above, we invite you to fill out the form below. We review the Donation Request form fairly regularly so we will follow up with you should we be able to make a contribution.  We'll be happy to assist if able and wish you luck in finding the resources you need if we're unable to help. If you don't hear from us, don't be offended - we really are nice people!


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